New personal best- 2 day penalty

Screw you… just so much.

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To be fair that’s what you said you were going to try to do this weekend

Oh absolutely, this was intentional. However, the fact that it’s even possible merits some discussion about TRS’s mind-boggling thought process.

They need to get rid of the penalties. I got one before because my game messed up n I had to close app or my Internet went out…can’t remember, but still, it’s kinda dumb.

Do it again. I dare you.

Dare accepted. This coming weekend, I"m going to start Friday night and take it through the weekend. If I can join into a friend’s party while I am banned, I might be able to wrack up a cumulative time of a month. At least then I would be forced to stop punishing myself by trying to play, lol. (seriously, I think only sadomasochists are still active in this game)

The thought process is, if quiters can’t play for long amounts of time, they won’t ruin the special ranked mode as much.
Only draw back being, people seem to be being bugged out of matches, and then of course have to take the penalties, which they’re not too keen on.
If they could fix the bugs, then I’d say this system is fine

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What platform are you on?

PC. I thought the ban time applied across all platforms.

It should be impossible to have a 2 day ban time… Is your PC date correct?

Kindof. I turn off DST adjustment, for what it’s worth. As a point of interest, what is the maximum ban time?

Can I get a link to your Steam profile? I need that to look you up in the system to see if there’s anything funny going on with your penalty time. You can send it to me as a PM if you don’t want to share it with everyone.

Well people wanted high penalties for ranked ao this is what they got :slight_smile:

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To be fair, they also did not want or expect cumulative ban time for crashes and unintentional disconnects :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I mean this in the nicest way, but given their track record thus far, they really should have expected it.