New perks suggest :O


Hello everyone, maybe u can think about this perks ideas:

  • Increase fire rate

  • Placing traps and activation (mines and traps) faster

  • Climb speed (Hunters)

  • Greedy (Get more silver keys)

  • Adventurer or some xD (Get more experience)

  • Double jump

  • Juggernaut (Increase hp)

  • Watcher (Inmune to carnivore-plant trap or punced by leopard)

  • Increase area of abilities

  • Deal more dmg +“X%” and get more dmg +“X%”

  • Critic chance

  • Intensify ability (More heal, longer scan, longer shield etc)

and that’s what actually have in mind lol, just think about it pls,

A good idea too is to make unique or special perks for each class, like a 4th perk unique per class :open_mouth:

ty for ur time


I like fire rate, climb speed, juggernaut a lot
Greedy and adventurer may work if balanced well
The rest may not as perks progressively upgrade, double jump and watcher (although very cool) don’t follow this trend


I don’t like this because it’d be just an upgraded damage perk.

What’s the point of this? It’s a one second long animation anyway.

We already have this.

We already get keys at an absurd rate. Plus this and…

this kind of ruin farming. This is a F2P game now and as such there shouldn’t really be a way to gain things like keys and XP faster. It ruins farming and the point of a F2P system.

We have jetpacks.

Please. God. No.

They’re hazards of the world and easily avoidable. This is a waste and just a nerf to Monsters as they lose the ability to use these to their advantage.

Only really helps Monsters and I don’t like the idea of it.

We already have damage perks.


I liked these more… the others I think I would never use. Althrough increase hp would have a effect very similar to damage reduction…

As a main monster I see this one as a BUFF for the monsters, `cause if a hunter get this he will be changing something more useful for it :wink:


I would take it, and it would be a big help for me. Last game I was the only hunter to die, I got killed by a leopard. I sometimes get eaten twice by plants within a minute of a game starting. That buff there is game changing, a revolution. No longer would I have to be the bumbling idiot that keeps getting stuck in things.


Monster Desired Perks

Gaping Wound



Juggernaut kind of does the same thing as DR, correct? Think about it, it has the exact same effect. If you made Juggernaut better than DR (higher number) DR is obsolete and vice versa.