New perks chart


Can we get a chart for all new perks? I would like to know all the numbers before I start spending keys.


I believe people are updating the official wiki, but the devs are looking to make this information available in-game as well.


Ok, waiting impatiently then.

Btw. I assume perks dont stack up, right? Picking both rocket man and rocket king will only give you higher buff?


This should answer your question:


Thread above answers, but TLDR, yes, they stack. Insane jump height if you go full rocketman!

edit: They stack additively, fyi


Oh wait, perks stack? Are you absolutely sure?

I have been choosing perks to avoid stacking because I thought it’d choose the higher value, like with wildlife buffs. Whoops.


Yup, they stack. The devs are working on a way to make this more apparent.


Before that, they should make a blue skin for Behemoth so that you can take blue Behemoth, stack movement speed, and become Sonic.


He has a blue skin. :slight_smile:


I didn’t see one in the store just now though. I’ll check again.


Might not be in the store yet, but it’s called the Glacial skin.


That’s cool. I will look into that, thank you.

It’s time to get Sega to file a copyright lawsuit against me.


One of the QA team actually made a video like that on here, I will try to find it.