New perk suggestions v2


The older threads for these have all ben closed… We are seriously in need of a level cap increase, so here are a few perks i think they could add to hunters to achieve that.

  1. Increase max health 5% 10% and 15%
  2. Class ability reload speed (3 balanced values)
  3. Reduced fuel usage 10% 15% 20% (it would be an alternative to reload, and would work better alongside Sunny)
  4. Jetpack climb/hover speed 20% 35% 50%

If they could add 4 perks for hunters, and 4 for monsters, each with 3 levels, they could add 24 levels, add 6 badges to that and we could have a level cap of 70, which could be further expanded on later.
What other ideas do you guys have?

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They need to just get rid of the level cap


TRS had talked about expanding the level cap, and at first they wanted to do it but I think ranked was their solution. A place where your level is constantly changing and you can always get better.

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