New perk idea, you will like it!


Okay after the hard thinking about perks… thanks @Mammoth_Bird for this:

I found a new really great perk for the monsters.

Faster Casting Abilities

What does that mean? That means that when I wanna use my rock throw as a Goliath I will use him faster so hunters have less chance to dodge it. I’m not talking about +100% because it would be really powerfull and almost undodgeable. I think that something like +20/40/50% would be really, really cool.

So all abilities would be done faster for 50% than now.

“So, how about Fire Breath?”


Without perk

  • 800 damage in 4 sec (200 DMG/sec)

With perk

  • 800 damage in 2 sec (400 DMG/sec)

This perk would be much more cooler than Armor regen or climbing speed.

What do you guys think?


Please don’t buff fire breath. It’s undodgeable and do decent damage.
What other abilities would the perk affect? Speeding up the velocity on a rock throw? Wouldn’t making abilities harder to dodge/easier to hit with by just picking a perk rather than practicing be a bit… unfair?


I said 20/40/50% but it could be less of course… maybe 10/20/30%.

Man, it’s a perk, it must be unfair.

This perk could also fit for hunters as well. Instead of high jump for example.

Hunters could shoot faster, Markov arc mines would be prepared faster, etc, etc…

I just wanted to create a viable perk to change it for some really low, like climbing speed/high jump.


I’ve thought about a faster firing speed perk. I like your idea, and applaud you for posting it on the forums, where it will probably be destroyed by logic. But I like it!!!


Hey guys wake up, please…

@MacMan, @SledgePainter, @Plaff, @MaddCow, @TheMountainThatRoars, @Quirkly, @SlinkyGuy, @Alex_Versnel, @Brandini, etc, etc, etc…

Let’s talk about it more, please.

Isn’t it awesome idea?


Personally I can see where it could be abused by both sides. But, the base idea is interesting.

Also, I don’t work for Turtlerock so not much I can do about implementation. :wink:


The problem with faster ROF has already been discussed. ROF was pretty much capped on the minigun to keep it easier for the game to process the projectiles. They originally wanted the minigun to shoot faster, but it created lag issues. Originally, I loved the idea of faster casts when thinking kraken, but then I thought more about Goliath and was more turned off. If you buff the flamebreath’s damage for a shorter duration, it makes it next to impossible to really dodge the damage, and what about charge and leap smash? Neither of them have a real cast time. I love the idea for some abilities, but it would be pretty situational imo


B. The one problem with fast cast would be speed downing.
I can already zurg a hunter down extremely quickly.
Make it possible for me to go faster?


Charge will be done faster like the other spells. And leap smash as well. You will jump faster where you want to jump, that’s not a big deal imo, okay maybe it’s a problem for hunters due to laggs, so this perk should be viable only for monsters then.


This plus the CDR from the Elite Mammoth Bird would be hell to deal with as a hunter.

A Wraith that can abduct/wb faster and have those abilities ready to use quicker… Ouch.


Damage perk + cdr buff or vica versa is also hell for hunters…

EDIT: Don’t think that 10/20/30% would be a big deal for hunters, and always developers can nerf that :wink:


i dislike it

how the heck would this apply to wraith ? faster casting nova ? faster decoy spawn ?



Look at the example for Goliath’s fire breath, the same would be for Supernova, faster damage and less supernova.

Btw there is also cast time for decoy… and you could be visible in stealth for less time when the hunters will shoot you. So instead of 0,5s only 0,4 for example.


The problem with armor regen and climbing speed perk is that you can buff it as you want but these perks will be useless all the time, these perks need to be changed. That’s what I’m doing, changing useless perks for very useful. :))


It could be faster fire rate for hunters. That would work. Faster arm time too


Except as has been posted above, there’s a cap on firing speed. And a faster arm rate would undo the changes made to Markov’s mines and Maggie’s harpoon.


Anyway that’s weird. Is this impossible to solve or just TRS don’t know how to do that?


Which part?


This part…


It’s answered. There were issues with lag. I don’t know that there’s anything to fix.