New Patch Update?


When will be release new update ? :)) I am excited for new content :3 and of course bug fix.


It’s already out on PC. We don’t know when it will be released on consoles.


He’s talking about a balence pass I believe @chrono


Its never coming to consoles, quit hoping…Jk lol Hopefully soon tho!

Edit: If you are talking about the patch on stage 2 I believe its next week? I am not sure. Sorry :confused:


Ah. That would make sense.

This is why I shouldn’t try to answer questions right after waking up.

In that case, @richto01 the Devs are trying to get balance patches out on a weekly basis, and bug hot fixes out like literally once the bug is fixed internally.


Next week probably (unless something goes wrong).

I think they want to release a patch per week.


I changed the title so its more understandable for people like @chrono

Jk, We all love each other on the forums, well some of us do :wink:


Yes about balance or bug fix and optimalization for AMD.