New Patch Leaderboard Problem


So I noticed that if you join a game and then leave, you get a loss automatically. For example, if you only want to play monster and you join a game, then are put on a hunter team that is obviously going to lose, and you decide you don’t want to put up with the struggle, you get a loss. I do not agree with this.

I like the old system, however, I don’t think W/L ratio should be displayed as it encourages people to leave games early to protect their stats. Also what’s with distance traveled stat? Who cares about that.

I also think their should be a ranked mode that allows players to ALWAYS join a lobby, and if you decide to leave, you get a loss. This would encourage players to form groups and join together without the frustration of having that one bad player on your team.

I think when I play hunters from now on, I’ll have to always roll with a full group of friends.

What are your thoughts on the new patch changing leaderboards?



Didn’t notice this yet, but then again, I don’t leave games.

I did disconnect once from a winning game (that was won few seconds after I dc-ed) and now that I think about it, that might explain how I got that one more loss with Crow. I calculated that I lost 3 games but only remember 2 of them (in skrimish and evac, bunch of games I won or lost in custom games don’t go into ladderboards).

Oh well… there goes my win/lose ratio. I get disconnected all the time, my connection is terrible. I don’t really mind though. I guess at least people will stop complaining about leavers.


Well, I guess I’m going to have a 0.001% win rate. Getting tossed into premades, and never getting to pick anything, I tend to leave. GG I guess TRS. ^.-

I suppose leaderboards don’t matter anyways, even more so now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I always quit when I join a game in progress, even if my team is winning : I have to start a game from the beginning in order to deserve a win / loss.
My W/L ratio is going to be near 0% in a few days. :wink:


Max has said they’re working on making the hidden Skill Ratings that are currently used in matchmaking display & rank openly to supercede the current system


They should make a system that puts quitters in groups with other quitters, so they all join hands and quit together on eachother!

If you play once in a roll you get dropped in to, normally for the rest of the evening you get good games. Not always I know, this is somethimes frustrating. But the more you quit, the more you enforce this problem and the more you’ll have to quit…


Huh. Kinda sucks for the guy who takes over the game some Quitter just ditched and leaves him with a 1 Bar of HP monster…

Wonder if some type of “safety net” for that kind of thing could work… like, if the Monster dies/loses within a few minutes of joining the game, it won’t count against him on his W/L.

Personally I don’t care if I lose (Happens all the time!) but I know there’s quite a few out there who care quite heavily about it. Could be worth nodding at in the future.


If you get put into mid-game and your team losses the match, it doesn’t count as a loss for you and you can still get a win if you stay and , well, win. However if you quit, no matter how long you where in the game or if you even got a chance to control your character(buggy join in) it will count as a loss.