New patch/hunter fuel


EDIT: IT IS ACTUALLY BETTER NOW SO FIRST POINT IS NOW INVALID. Wall climbing is still an issue though.

Takes longer to refuel the jet pack? Are you kidding. Probably the most annoying thing when playing as a hunter was lack of movement brought in by the pathetic amount of fuel you have combined with its painful refuel time. When a monster targets you it already was too long before you could avoid it again. Now if you are caught you are dead. As we know if you’ve used your fuel to dodge, maybe straight up, and the monster slightly clips you with its nail you fly back to the ground and get pummelled. So now it should be even more annoying.

oh and tr could you fix the system where you can go up wall when you have no fuel. Half the time I’m chasing a monster and it doesn’t work until the third or fourth attempt, which destroys your hunt as that little delay aids the monster escaping. It is not just me, I see it all the time on twitch, hunters stuck at the bottom of a wall.


It’s 1 more second. And with not losing fuel as I float down from a high point I find I have more than usual.
The climbing does need fine tuning still…


and then you don´t use fuel while gliding, giving you 4 dodges instead of 3, all the time. thats basically a 33% buff…


If that is the case then fine. I shall play again soon. Definitely felt constantly restricted with the old juice levels. And was constantly waiting to re fuel, which took an age.


what i am curios about is this:

the old jetpack had 4 bars, but you could only use 3 of them. So letting it charge to full was basically wasted, people traversed most of the time by dodge, wait to refuel 1 bar, dodge, repeat.

Now the most effective way for long traversals is theoretically 4 dodge, charge full, 4 dodge, repeat.

I wonder if it has that much impact on players playstyle as i am now imagining it has. And don´t forget the additional combat dodge. In conjunction with stunlock resistancy this might have been overdone. Sadly, i can not play until in two weeks… so i am curious what you guys experience.


It won’t be over done. Most games are public random games. I rarely play monster but when I’m forced to I win probably 80_85% of public games. Monster is soooo bloody easy to win with, I’ve no idea why I see all these monsters are weak complaints (unless talking about league play etc).


Yea well you also got a HUUUUUGE buff with the lower knockbacks. So I’m not inclined to feel sympathetic to hunters.


It would b nice of file regened a bit faster out of combat so climbing wasn’t such a pain


I like the change. It’s gorgeous.
I’ll sacrifice 1 extra second of recharge time if it means jetpacks don’t chew fuel up while you’re descending.