New patch griping, whining, and general moaning

I’m putting this in general since even if I put it in the suggestions, it won’t help.

Firstly…Kraken can basically live it’s entire life in mid air. It is still the most cowardly monster I have ever faced and can face camp your body from across the dome and your allies can’t do anything about it. Nerf plz

2nd. Ranking…It’s fine trying to place us against people of similar skill level…but when four determining ranks play against silver expert monsters…it’s sh*tty. Let the guys who care about rank and play nothing but Kraken or Wraith play rank. Let those of us who just want a fun match play normal against other casuals.

3rd. A well versed and cooperative team of hunters can be easily taken down by a mediocre monster. The monster just needs to know who to hit first and it’s fine. It’s bogus.

4th. Jetpacks…seriously. Buff them. I’m sick of being in a fight and having nothing while the monster just wails on either me or someone I need to help. Either buff the recharge or let it recharge sooner. Hunters are too weak.

I was typing this between matches and in one of these matches, a level 1 wraith came out of nowhere, killed me as Jack, then ran off. Then proceeded to slaughter us at every given turn.

Concerning Jack, his gloves are way too useless. Why? Cuz the monster’s abilities go through it, at least Wraith’s do. They don’t care. The moment they start walking away from you it’s useless and it’s just gonna push and shove the other hunters away. I’d jump to their side, but GUESS WHAT!? NO F***ING JETPACK FUEL! Teammate dies it was the medic, it body camps his body, kills him, then turns around, smacks me a few times, arena goes down and it either flies off or slaughters the rest of the team. Life as the hunter sucks and everyone knows it.

EDIT: I have a team. Telling me to get a premade is redundant.

NEW GRIPE! Why did they take out the “Take a Break” option? It was good to know that if something happens, I can let the AI handle it while I handle my own issues.


1: Comm is one of the key things to beat kraken. Sometimes you need to dig into other sources.
2: TRS said they are watching to see how this skill based MM works, and will probably make adjustments after gathering some nice data on it.
3: Hunters always had the advantage over a monster. As laz would say “You are mighty! But we are many!”
4: Two words. Jetpack management.


Agreed with Fengshui, pretty much said what i wanted to say.

You are a new player, there is a steep learning curve in this game.
Questions are always welcome, we all would more than happy to help.

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Dude im a gold ranked kraken and let me tell you, kraken is NOT OP. im versing other high silver/gold hunters and most of the time im getting wrecked. stasis from crow and abe is super effective at pulling a kraken down. you must be playing solo if your having this much of a hard time beating monsters because in a decent premade team, youd probably be destroying most monsters

No. not new. Been here since the beta.

Weird. Just fought a Kraken as Abe and guess what? STASIS. DOES. JACK. SQUAT.

Been playing with friends every time I played Hunter. Never went solo.

Also, Gold Ranked Kraken? Do you even try?


All I’ve had with ranking is:

Win a match against someone crappy at level 1 monster. Go up and rank. Get rolf stomped by everyone till I go down in ranked, then we win against someone crappy. It’s a pattern and it sucks

Well do you expect pubs to be easy to win with? Find a team. It’s worth it.

I DO have a team. We had a four man team. We enjoy switching roles around and playing new things but we constantly get screwed. And no, I’m not finding a new team because it’s more fun to play with friends.

Then your Teamwork needs more practice then. There’s not much else I can really say.


LOL, i do agree with Mickey. Ive been to Gold rank before, but not lasting long before getting wrecked by Gold/ silver pre made competent teams, and struggles to stay in even silver 5stars. A silver 3-5stars hunters can easily bring your rank down.

Im just a normal, semi casual-mid core player. Trust me, monster is not really OP.


There are players in the gold tier of hunters. If they lost against the same monster players you did, as consistently as you did, then they wouldn’t have made it into the gold tier. There’s nothing holding you back except from analyzing how well you all perform as a team and getting better. Another thing that could be holding you back, is one guy on the team not being as good at the game as the other 3.

Also, managing your only way of maneuvering terrain is difficult, especially in a fight. When you jetpack away from a monster, it just follows you because it has better traversal AND it recharges faster during a fight…how is that fair?

Well in a game like evolve where NOT getting hit by anything is near impossible. You gotta know when to take your licks.

Management, management, management. Take hank’s shield for example, if you just hold the projector onto someone and absorb nearly every move…you won’t have enough juice to block something when it really matters.

I don’t care about ranks. I just want to play normally and not deal with Gold ranks or any ranks at all. All it succeeds in doing is making me realize “Oh hey…I lost…and now I’m down in rank. Thanks game.” And then I go up and go “Oh good. Now I can lose over and over again against people better than me.”

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That’s when your trapper peels the monster off of whoever it is focusing. Or your support cloaks whoever is being focused. Or whoever is being focused, kites the monster into an area where the monster will take a lot of damage in the process of downing someone.

Not like it matters. The monster can just casually walk off with it’s increased traversal then smack us if we try to pick up the other person.

Are you even playing the same game as me?

Jetpack management friend. You don’t get that down and you’re dead in the water.

That seems more like your own fault for distracting yourself.

They’re a bit unreliable at times but they’re extremely useful.

It has no control over the other Hunters, and this is the downside. It has insane stopping power but only from the front.

Get a premade. With a competent team you will have no trouble stomping Monsters with good Hunter combos.



Also, I wasn’t distracted. It was BETWEEN MATCHES if you were reading. And again, Jetpacks may be a bit more useful if we had increased recharge during a fight like the monster does.

How can it be between matches if your character died? Sounds like it was during the match to me.

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