New patch broke evolve


Monsters are underpowered now and Cabot is useless ;thanks turtle rock studios😬


Not sure I can agree with you there. Cabot is useless as a mini Assault but the Damage Amp and Dust Tagging are fine. Monsters UP? Only the Wraith got significantly tuned but I feel once players adjust she’ll be fine. No reason to have 70% win rate at higher levels!


Well its a good thing i play evolve and not that game


Ikr! I hate Evovle now. So glad I started playing Evolve. It’s 100% better than Evovle.


Really, so we’re really gonna do this…


Almost every ti me I fight a stage 3 wraith I win;overpowered definely not


Funny because when I play Goli I win almost every time. 3 rock throw at start and damage perk, slap hunter once, gg no re.

Wraith is even easier. Spam warp blast.


Monsters are completely useless now…

Especially Wraith




Oops. I fixed it. I guess I could change it back so your jokes are still relevant


Just leave it how it was. It’s fine. Unless he wants us to change it, of course.


You know what I think is funny there needing Cabot but are making sunny op as shit!
Great way to fuck up a balanced game


Actually I heard the design goal was making sunny op as fuck


Lol only wraith got nerfed and Kraken got buffed all to hell for no reason at all lol.


I really don’t think most people are smart enough to know rather or not something is truly OP or UP. I know I sound insulting and I’m sorry about it but its the truth


No flying in fights with abe, val tranqs last 10 seconds and pull you down, and vortex has increased cooldown? Where are the buffs?


Maybe you just a good player?


So you played Sunny already??


His abilities no longer slow him in the air. He can dodge while casting lightning bolt and he can flat out blitz people with aftershock making it completely undodgable. Losing as Kraken is nigh impossible now. Just take speed perk.


Lol what ? play against an Val-Abe team, and we’ll see how good you do in fights