New patch "Balanced"


I even created new account for only to write this shit…

So we all know by now, that crow is super OP, his freakin pet…is so super annyoing its ridiculous, and new monster’s weakspot is also ridiculous. his health melts instantly. And if you are playing as monster vs crow…Its no way u can win…his bat is so OP you can’t hide from…you can’t run away from it…and u don’t know if u get even tracked by it
I was really supportive about this game, but now its just freakin ridicous unfair for the monsters…its unplayable! You’ll see at the end of the week, how monster’s win rate will go down.


crow is not more then meh

griffin is way way stronger


Problem is Behemoth, not the new Hunters. I lost almost six matches in a row to them as Behemoth, swapped to Goliath and mopped them losing only about two bars of health maximum. They’ve got advantages and disadvantages, and a lot of people don’t know how to use them yet, and the same is true for Behemoth, but somethin’s definitely up with the amount of damage Behemoth is taking.


though it is a good point, why cant you know when the bat has locked onto you? i mean you can tell for buckets UAV and granted its for a longer period of time but come on. how are you to know when the bat spots you or not just by “can i see the blasted bugger”


I agree on the mechanics of Goby the pesky bird. Even if you are in closed space it detects you. Its so ridiculous that even on Distillery map inside of that huge building roughly in mid section of map, near to the cost - if you are well inside as monster, Goby still detects you. Perhaps some logical adjustments can be made to counter this. Or maybe its suppose to be like this, that Crow and his pet both have these x-ray goggles on them so they see through everything no matter where you are, in the deepest cave or inside fusion plant.


Yeh, I totally agree with ya! freakin bat with xray vision! ._. You can’t really play stealthy anymore. With Bucket UAV at least you can stand still & finding the monster manually, so…that is advantage for the monster. but the bat is spam spam spam. and it auto detects instantly. If it finds the monster.


ure getting yellow just like when ure tranqed

or did they remove that? atleast thats how it was in press

didnt play monster today


The fact that you can actually tell that you’ve been tracked and YOU didn’t notice it shows me that you’re just not that good.


You saw Torvald dmg ? TRS gotta get a patch FAST and FASTER than wraith’s nerf or the game will quickly become UNPLAYABLE.


I find slim to be a little on the strong side. His leech gun does a surprising amount of damage on top of the reduced cooldown for healing burst. Other than that he’s alright

Torvald Mortars do a little too much damage I think.

Crows kinetic rifle penetrating armor is pretty rediculous cause it does a pretty sizable chunk of health. His stasis gun is also really easy to fully charge and the slow makes it literally impossible to get away when he just keeps spamming the charge shot

I dunno about sunny I find the shield drone annoying but not super strong. Mininuke does alot considering how spammable it is. Probably gonna end up like Cabots railgun.


On the bright side behemoth FEELS great lol TRS is good about that (and I mean that with zero sarcasm, you actually feel like bad ass rolling ball of rock fury )

Balance was poop, is poop, and given the amount of time it took them to squeeze these changes (while also adding a whole new layer of issues) it will probably stay poop. If you want competitive game look somewhere else for now and check up on evolve in 6 months(check or pulse, that is).

Just my 2 cents :smile:


The problem here is I am a main Monster, and I almost never loose in public, Behemoth is so hard that it’s a challenge now to win in pub, and i like that, but i litteraly CANNOT win against a Torvald if i go Behemoth.


I have never lost a behemoth game, out of the 14 or so i have played so, i think he is fine. I think crow is one of the worst trappers, his slow is hard to hit a moving monster with, just do not stand still, and his health hitting is very minimum to me, it barely does any damage.


Go 2 lava bombs and 1 wall to start, then stage two get lava bombs to 3 and tremor 2, then at stage 3 go tremor 3 lava bombs already 3 and either get a full wall or tongue grab for versatility. Behemoth is a trap character, roll away and hit people with lava bombs a places they are going to be, and climb cliffs and just wait to use tremor as they are approaching. Always do a roll hit, roll hit combo to take the least amount of damage.


Kidding me,?

Abe is way better than Crow.

Crow is just downgraded version of Abe.

Abe’s tracking dart is really annoying but others don’t think it’s unfair or a big deal.


You’re yellow, and it makes an obnoxious “clicking” noise.

The Monster definitely knows when Gobi gets him. Unless your monitor and audio are both off.


As people said you can tell when tracked and people have won as behemoth (hard since still learning) so really this rant was pointless (could have been calmer about it)


I am actualy speaking about Torvald, it’s the assault


Torvald isn’t too strong. His damage is more bursty than the other assaults which is why people feel he is so powerful when in reality its the same damage over time. I played several rounds with him last night and I did about the same damage with him as I do with the other assaults. He still doesn’t match a well played Parnell that is rocking super soldier with decent aim.