New Patch, Balanced? Global 4th Kraken's word


New Patch updated and of course it is still not balanced.

As a Global top 5 Monster player, I found only less than 3 players in Top 10 Kraken are still playing this game (The 1st three karken’s leaderborad not changed for many weeks). And turtle rock studio is still working on “Reducing”: reducing slim, sunny’s damage, reduce passive damage… etc.

Please Stop it, and we wann “Increase”, you can increase all characters to keep balance but please no “reduction” any more.

That’s my opinion. Or i think it is time for selling this game.


Wait, what changes specifically are you talking about? I don’t even think the Kraken really got nerfed, a one second arm timer isn’t really breaking him.


Lightning strike travel speed also got nerfed, and they stated there are more fixes & stuff coming for Kraken in the next patch(es)


Is this about how Kraken bugs & exploits weren’t fixed and it’s too easy to play as Kraken?


LS got tweaked not nerfed. You wont know the difference


Actually i also think people are saying LS now works much better than before.

But its true that big kraken changes comes in the next patch


My Point is: I dont wann to see more “Reduction”, i would like to see more “Increase”, for example, increase all charecters ability to keep balance instead of “Reducing Hunter’s damage”


Change Change Change and I would say ByeBye, The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Me Kraken players all say GBye to this game


Sorry but few of the best Krakens right now is Cyril-Insane-Newt-Aurora.And they still play.


Balance can’t always be done into the direction or up or it would force games to end too quickly and everything would be very bursty.


Who are the Krakens you talked about…


I mean Global Top 5 or Top 10


The actual best Krakens right now Evolve has to offer.From the PC at least dunno what’s happening on consoles.

And also.Leaderboards mean= play time.Not how good you play the monster.

Their names in-game?Dunno they always change for the fun of it.But those are their “real” names


NO SORRY you dont speak for all of us monster players. top 100 here, patch is great. hobogirl AKA sunny can no longer stack bots. everything seems more balanced now.


Waiting for this game to at least please half of the last remaining player base.


sorry, im on PS4, and I saw more than half Top monsters give up this game


Yeah, there hasn’t been any real changes against monsters in this patch. Later on though, we’ll have to see.


PC side only. Consoles still have to wait for that to be fix, sad enough.

Yea, leaderbroads on PS4 hasn’t changed much and will also say a lot of the monster players have left.


Cyril & Aurora Symphony were top 1-3 on their own regions (or even global) but probably not anymore at this point (since they practice in customs etc now, not in pubs)