New Overwatch Beta Update


I thought I’d make this thread as all the other Overwatch threads have slowly closed and there’s nowhere on here to talk about this astounding game! I, myself, haven’t gotten a beta key so far (pre ordered Origins for PS4 though) but all the new features and skins look amazing! I adore the Zenyatta and Reaper skins, they’re so badass! What to you guys think of this new update?

OPEN BETA DATE: May 5-9 (preprder game to get it on the 3rd and 4th)
NEW MAPS: Illios and Route 66
NEW GAME TYPE: In this new game type there are custom rules that change each week. First one was ‘Super Shimada Bros’. Only Hanzos and Genjis, reduced cooldowns, increased ultimate charge time, everyone has
SKINS: Tons of new skins added, love Junkrats, Soldier 76s, Lucios and Bastions. See them here:



Overwatch is my 2nd favorite (nice try, Overwatch, but you can never be as good as Evolve), and I’m so hyped for June when it comes out for Xbox One (is it sooner, all I see is origins edition for Xbox).

Anyway, the new features are awesome. Rather hyped right now!


Yeah, Overwatch.
And the beta, that I never got invited to.
Forever lonely. :frowning:


I too am looking forward to this on Xbox one. Looks epic.



I didn’t get into the beta either, but that’s fine, and I’m happy to see the cool changes they’re making!
I can’t wait for Overwatch to release; I really wanna try out Lucio! Sound based fighters are so cool! :heart_eyes:


Lucio is so cool! But I really want to use Tracer! She is like Wraith before nerfs, only difference being Tracer deals much less damage than Wraith did or does.


Tracer does look awesome as well. The whole zooming back to a previous point ability is very unique! In fact, I think that’s why I like the game! Every character looks and acts completely different from all the others!


I cant wait for it to release! I need to look up these skins though…


Overwatch… Beta…

I want…


Overwatch: But I still Onlywatch.
(Overused but who cares)


i want to try overwatch looks awesome


Ugh… the THINGS I’d do to get into the beta… overwatch is THE game me and my friends have been waiting for since we got tired of TF 2.


All the new skins are looking awesome!

If you want to see them all, then here’s a link to a reddit post filled with links to costumes for the various characters.

Can’t wait for the release. It will be my go-to fast paced shooter for instant action :smiley:


I’m really excited that they added a vs AI mode and expanded custom games. This game is now a must preorder for me.

Can anyone tell me how many maps, modes and characters this will have at launch? I can’t seem to find this info. At least, nothing official.


My stream has shifted from pure evolve to overwatch+evolve~!

Much less salt meow xD


21 characters, 3 modes and 5 maps. Don’t quote me.


21 characters! :slightly_smiling:

And side note. All heroes to be released after launch will be free for everybody!


And it’s blizzard, meaning so far balance is ON POINT for all characters and maps and modes :3


Cheers for the correction, shall change.