New Overcharge perk


Continuing the discussion from Evolve Feature/Bug Roadmap:

Has anybody a good guess what this perk might do?


Maybe (gradually?) raises the maximum amount of jetpack fuel if you’re out of combat?


Based on the name, I would guess some sort of duration/capacity perk. The other possibility the pops into my mind is that it is a perk that increases multiple stats, such as capacity/damage. Based on the word “set” I would imagine it would occur on multiple perk tiers. The word “overcharge” strongly implies a gun or jetpack output perk if nothing else.


“set” just means that there will be multiple Overcharge perks in multiple slots. Like you have multiple Rocket perks (Rocket Man/Rocket Lord/Rocket King) that you can stack.

Increasing the maximum jetpack amount seems to be a good guess but it would require UI changes…
Or increasing the thrust of jetpacks. So you would be able to boost farther. I think that’s my guess.


I’d make an out-there guess at fire rate increase.


That’s another one I’ve been waiting for.
It sure is something some character already provides (Sunny’s Jetpack Booster provides increased thrust, Parnell’s Super Soldier provides increased fire rate) because that’s the easiest to think of and to implement.


That’s what I said.