New Nvidia Card Rumor


If this is true, I foresee a lot of Nvidia 970/980s on sale on Ebay soon.


I went halfsies last Christmas with the parentals to get my 980Ti.
So of course when I finally upgrade another might be released lol I’m good for a few years.

EDIT: Gonna send that link to my boss though, we might want to upgrade a few machines in the office around that time if this is true.


"Asian based Benchlife claims…", what the heck is Asian based Benchlife though and why are they the only ones with this information?


I imagine it’s being produced in Asia.


Nice, if this means a spike in second hand 970/980 coming, I might buy a second 970. Or is a 980 alone better?


980 alone would work better in most situations, but it depends on lots of factors and what the prices would be. 970 SLI would mostly be for 4k video. Depending on the game and how well SLI works 980 could be a better choice for 4k or SLI 970 at a cheap price could be a better bargain with good performance.

  • SLI much more likely to have issues running a game using SLI; even when it runs well there can be performance issues compared to a single more powerful card
  • If you have a 1080p monitor then SLI 970 may not deliver much benefit for the cost and technical issues.


So, for a 1080p monitor (and a smaller, 2nd one, but that will only be used for light tasks like web browsing), I’m better off with a single 980?


Most likely, 980 may even be overkill depend on what games you want to play. The price premium is pretty steep.


Well, I play most games, from shitty ones from 2003 up to and including graphical beasts like crysis and the witcher. And second hand ones will not be as expensive as new ones I presume


A second hand GTX 980 probably will cost close to the price of the GTX 1070 (if that is what it is called) $350 to $400. Depending on performance you may be better off getting the new GTX card even if the performance doesn’t match the 980 because of getting a warranty and the latest architecture/features for future titles. If you can buy a new 980 discounted to $350 that would be pretty compelling.


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