New multyplayer settings


Recently I have been reading alot of the forums and playing the game alot as well. As I hear and read about things I have realized that there should be more things like filters added to the game to allow you to get the experience you want. Right now I have to ideas for filters in mind. First off a ton of people seem to hate or love the idea of perks/buffs you get from wildlife so I think TRS should add a filter for something like original play, or the current game available, or a secondary “hardcore mode” or whatever they would like to call it where here is no perks or buffs adding the more tournament like practice mode but you do not have to make a custom match. The second idea is a sort of communication based one. Evolve is all about talking to each other and discussing strategies during and after the game. Currently though I have not found any god games were people talk to each other and is extremely annoying when for say assault rides the monster when it is at stage three and dos not listen to or realize you re pleading for him to come back before he loses the game for the rest of the team. This makes me dislike the other players and sometimes I get upset when what I think would go wrong goes wrong and here for I think that they should add A filter to help more communicating groups and parties from non-communicating ones. These are my ideas for how to get game play a little bit better and I would enjoy feedback.