New Monsters


I do have a couple of ideas, my own, that I would like to throw in for the game. I’m sure they’ll go un heard, like most comments for games that I’ve ever gave. Anyways, for evolve studios, please contact me I would love to throw ideas at you guys about this game. I love, love, love the whole idea of this game and would absolutely be overjoyed in anything in the creative process.


They said they tried having the monster be able to grab hunters and throw them, but didn’t like it since the monsters would usually just walk into water and drown the hunter, I say bring that back, just make it an instant through, or make it so the monster can’t move when he does it, throwing people is fun :3


I’m talking about introducing new monsters entirely, all new monsters and maybe we could bounce around ideas of abilities for said monsters.


Yeah, I just had that ability in my mind, the only monster’s I can imagine that’d be cool would be a pack of creatures that group together (Like a pack of wolf type creatures or a swarm of bug type creatures, evolving just means there are more of them in the pack/swarm) or a goo monster, and I don’t think the goo/slime monster would work well in the game though


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I have (what I think are) great ideas for this game, involving monsters. I absolutely love this idea for a game. But I’m more interested in getting an opportunity in talking to a forum manager, site manager, eventually I would want to get my ideas to corporate or CEO, then maybe under presidential supervision. Video games have always been a passion of mine, but the game’s idea is sparking a creative thunderstorm in my brain.


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@Reinaldo_Villa if you have any ideas for whatever Monster you would like to add then please feel free to put in your ideas in the following thread here: :smile: