New monsters/hunters/maps/weapons/Etc

Anyone got ideas for new things to add to the game?

Let’s see how far we get before going off topic.

I want lizard hunters for reasons


Designed a monster
Name: Verlossal (its a mix of vermin and colossal #genius)



Fastest of the monsters, uses claws and swings for extra distance, weak yet fast normal attacks, uses claws and abdomen (Tail) as basic attack, lots of health and moderately low shield, uses legs to crawl, when sneaking everything lowers and also uses claws at this point. Uses tail and legs when climbing, evolution speed is fast.

Abilities: (these are just names i made up just then) Claw grab (similar to the behemoth’s tounge grab); this grabs the target, pulls them in and closes the claw tightly throwing the target into the air, Venom spit (again similar to the behemoth lava attack); this covers a certain area in a venomous liquid that slows and poisons the hunters, Ground Grab; this makes the monster dive underground and come back up damaging anyone in an area and if anyone is right above, the monster with do the most damage to that hunter, Abdomen Slash (similar to the wraiths super nova), this is when the Verlossal’s tail will continuously jab any nearby hunters (spamming the button means more hits),

Tactics/Play style: like an assassin needs to be fast and sneak and when in combat is fast but weak when taking a lot of damage, player must be skilled and have great coordination with attacks.


TRS would be silly if they didn’t release a spider monster. It has to happen. Spiders are just scary AF!


We need an assault with a big laser beam cannon, and we also need an assault hunter who is not as big as every character in gears of war.

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Also lava/ fire biome.

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@FatJoe Lol. True that they need to tone down the size of the Assault class. Looks like Gears of War, truely. Also, I like the idea of a magma-filled map. Volcano? Near one? :smile:

@Quirkly Lol. Maybe designed like Skyrim models? XD

@I_AM_A_W00KIE Good concept. Me like. @SonOfDovahkiin Spiders? Also good idea.

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I love argonians, if TRS took them and made a hunter out of it I would be so excited ^-^

@Quirkly Well sounds like the devs have a new task. :slight_smile:

Cmon devs.
Do it.

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Do. It. Now.

An argonian trapper that had a smell ability like the monster. Damm I wish.

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The characters have to be that large to help the monster identify who is what class. Medics are upside down triangles, supports are right side up triangles, Trappers are thin and vertical recrangles and Assaults are big blocky squares and rectangles.

Then we will make the rest of the hunters smaller and make the assault regular sized so he looks big in comparison to the rest of the hunters. it’s Full Proof.

Hmmm…I wanna say I want a space map, like a ship transporting a monster had an outbreak and was disabled, and the Hunters had to either kill the monster or destroy the ship’s reactor to depressurize the ship and kill the monster. The monster has to kill the Hunters or protect the reactors, and vice versa. I don’t know, just throwing suggestions. :\


They have to use a power loader to kill the monster.

So reverse hunt? I dig it

That’d be an interesting hunter idea… Except maybe its a man that spliced his genes with a goliath, giving him the smell ability.