New Monsters for Later Version


I saw a video on an interview with a developer, and I recall hearing about a monster they couldn’t develop named the Velvet Worm. I came to present an idea with the animation; You have an example already, with the Wraith’s tail movement. Perhaps use that as a starting point and tinker around with it until you get desired results. I’m no professional, so please don’t criticize my idea. Instead, present potential ideas. (This goes for users who want to comment.) Hope this helped! If not then I don’t know. Good luck with it! :smile:


yes I agree


The main problem is… If it didn’t move (you left the control without touching it) how would it stand or how could it mantain his head up


Perhaps have a toggled animation where it will stand or lay back down with some sort of action. (Ex. Attacking, moving, feeding.)


I’m pretty sure one of the main problem with the worm idea was the movement. It had a ton of trouble with the environment which hindered it. Plus everyone wanted it to be able to burrow which would make it more of a nightmare to develope and move.

I love the idea but I don’t think the velvet worm will ever see the light of shear:(


They could probably do some kind of burrowing more easily than getting a slithering snake-like Monster to work properly. It would have to basically be segmented, the head would need a range of movement the body physically can’t have in the engine, it would end up clipping through itself in awkward ways.


Turning was weird man. That’s the main reason it was scrapped. It was long asf, and it’s length didn’t help it either with ambushing hunters. Want to turn around and attack the hunters that ran behind you? He’d have to move in a full circle to face them. Otherwise he’d just clip into his own body.

Have you actually SEEN the Velvet Worm?


Why not make him able to walk on himself?


Yeah why not able of doing that ?!

Also it appears to have small kinda legs… He could use those


Because that would be gross (typos will be then end of the world one day) :slight_smile:

Aside from this, while animating a snake/worm like creature is by no means an easy task, they have been around in video games for a long time and animators know how to do it. however, I can easily believe that animating it around the environment would be an entirely different can of worms, as this would involve animation AND coding challenges that probably were not worth the effort.


WTF did i say??? XD :laughing:


To be honest no freaking idea…


You all make perfect points, and I appreciate your feedback. However, I feel that this monster is as much a possibility as any. It’s in the quote from Andrew Carnegie when he was tasked with building the bridge that connected East and West of the Mississippi, if I remember correctly; “Nothing’s impossible.” The Velvet Worm may be a pain in the ass to develop, but the developers have to ask themselves this question; Do we really want it? Do the Evolve players want it? I say that I want it, and I know there are others out there that would say the same thing, so I ask again; Is it impossible, or simply difficult?


I’ve got to say you have a really good argument in there… Its dificult, but not impossible


Burrowing was a massive problem, and the balancing of it would be a nightmare along with the dos and do nots of burrowing :confused: it would be cool but theres problems with any playstyle they can comd up with for it


Difficult, but difficult with alot of cost


If they really want it, and if the players really want it, then by God it is possible and can happen, even if it happens over a few months or a year or two. I’ll be waiting, developers, for the Velvet Worm.


(Late response. I’m a faggot. :slight_smile: ) They presented this same concept art in the video, so I have seen it. :smiley:


But did you see the version where I put kick ass filters on it? Hm? I think not.


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