New Monster!


So a new monster was shown at Microsoft’s E3 live-stream just now. This is it:


IT’S CTHULU! OH MY GOD! :smiley:


i just got overly excited and sad at the same time.


It’s an electric kraken thing I want MORE footage


Xbone get the BETA THO…


It also said something about a beta too, did you catch that bit, Plaff?

I couldn’t make out when it said it was going to be but I’m sure there will be more info soon! :smiley:


Are they still talking about Evolve right now?


Yeah I’m really disappointed that xbox gets the beta, I feel betrayed… Might have to borrow my brother’s xbox one when the beta is released


Nope. It was just a short video


nope it was very brief. but it said Xbone will get an exclusive beta and dlc first.


Can you send me a link to it or will I have to wait until the entire stream is done?


Well, I’ve seen what I wanted…

Now I need some gameplay ^^


There won’t be any links yet. There should be coverage after the show though.
In summary:

  • new monster shown
  • xbox gets first dlc
  • xbox gets first beta


remember this is the “pre-show” so it technically starts tomoro.


I will leave this here:




To recap the monster design. It’s large, quadruped like a gorilla, and it covered in tentacles. Its moveset appears to be electrically based, with it constantly arcing.


Does it start after the xbox livestream?




Cool. Thank you


Idk if anyone seen it. but he was hanging off the ceiling and attacking. that was awesome!