New Monster


Its called… the Nomad. Capable of taking down a whole team of hunters in under 30 seconds. Its attack take down half your health. Sounds a little OP but i think it could work.


Heheheh. Nomads are wonderful


I just witnessed one take down the assault, support and almost the trapper. It was a horrifying sight


And they hate all living creatures. One match as monster I got dog piled by 2 nomads and a dune beetle… I lost half my health in 3 seconds it was horrifying.

And then the hunters showed up.


One time I was playin as monster, I was stage 2, all prepped for a fight when I suddenly come across a 2 downed hunters and 2 10 percent hunters.
I started the vote for a restart to save them their dignity :joy:


I watched a guy who was lagging out as a stage one Goliath get DECIMATED by a pack of Trapjaws. The health went down sooo fast…


:joy: :laughing:


What really sucks is these demons like trapjaws, dune beetles, and nomads come at the worst possible times. Its like they sense when your about to die and come at you like you killed their dog.


I was support…

I thought the nomad was far behind me…

i had no jetpack fuel…

I died.

The trapper died trying to save me.

The medic (who was far away with the assault) was killed by a dune beetle trying to save me

The assault revived the medic.

The monster evolved to stage 3 with all his life while we all had a strike. (not assault but meh)

No, we didn’t won…


but trapjaws are dogs, so how does that work?


I don’t know man. They’re more like lizard dogs but maybe they keep little mini dog pets and the colonists killed them while they were settling shear.


Once i had a match as goliath. Hunters were on my ass already at stage one so i rushed for armour. As i used smell i noticed their medic got incaped by a nomad. They all tried to help him up and i shit you not the nomad kills the whole damn team.almost the whole team left the match. I was laughing my ass off. :laughing:


Nomads kill my team more than the monster most of the time.


Oh god, remember that one match? :joy: Thank god we had a Lazarus. Nomad took out you AND me in the same dome and the Monster did nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nomad’s are assholes. -.-
Worse than Mammoth Birds. Luckily, they aren’t as common.


Yeah. I love that they have such a good perk though…Gives me an excuse to kill them. :grinning:


That Nomad wasn’t going to live… He signed his death sentence, when he killed you. ^.-
Messed with the team too much. ^.^


Oh god, remember when that level 8 Monster killed the Armadon for us? And we all just watched him? :joy: Hilarious.


You bet we would kill him before the 3 minute mark. You decided not to heal, nor help in the fight after we domed him. We killed him at what? 2:30?


Yep. And you owe me 10 dollars.