New monster vs. monster mode?


Turtle Rock Studios just posted a gif of goliath leap smashing into what looks like a lightning strike. Is it possible that this could be the monster vs monster mode we have been waiting for. Is this why patch 9 will be so big. Maybe even why wraiths decoy mechanics are being changed?

Golaith LeapS into Kraken's LightningS; What kind of sorcery is this...? Also #InternationalWomenDay

Where? I must see! Please.


I’m thinking no. :slight_smile:


They posted a gif on their twitter, g check it out. it it prolly is nothing. which sucks. Evolve has been very quiet recently


Could be a custom animation for the gif, or a better animation for LS that will pop up in TU9. I know a lot of Hunters wanted better ways of telling when attacks were coming so that’s pretty obvious!


Its possible but we can all dream right lol


Regardless of what that gif was, it was awesome!



…More adaption?

That’d be the best Leap Smash ever!


Watch the gif youll know what im talking about


Ability adaptation???


I hope so, man, it looks so badass.

Maybe we’ll get even more Monster adaptations?


It does seem random for TRS post that, lighting strike with leap smash. TRS the mighty overlords what is this madness!!!


That’s what I thought. That’s alot of trouble to put a lightning strike with a leap smash just for one gif lol


It’s wired right what sorcery is this???


i am bookmarking this thread, even though I think it doesent means monster vs monster but who knows


Now tell me what would happen if Bob tongue grabs kraken:

  1. Kraken gets pulled to the ground
    2)Bob will learn to fly as Dave Grohl said


T6 Kraken Assault confirmed


But actually, now that i’m thinking about it, if i am not wrong, a monster v monster mode would be lore friendly, right? @Matthew


Perhaps just in custom matches? Anyway this gif seems well animated and planed. They wouldn’t do such thing without a reason, right?