New Monster Traversal (idea)


I was thinking about a traversal not based on the gaining of distance by sprint, leap fly or roll (in other word speed boost) but instead slow the hunters.

for example:

Flee and release behind smoke or ink that makes blind for some times the hunter that follow you and also slow drastically their moovement speed.

Or cover the terrain in goo that slow the hunter not using jetpack



or it could squirt ink that isn’t effected by gravity so it looks like it’s underwater that propells it into the air.


yea something like that! :wink:

and if you get doomed (because you are not fast and the hunter will catch you) you can use the traversal to cover the dome in ink and make them harder damaging you)


What would stop a monster from using that affect to aid them in a battle they intended to continue? Painting an area with goo that slows Hunter movement would be very effective since monsters already have a speed handicap over Hunter basic movement speeds.


yeah its doubtful it would slow them i think macman said no to that sort of thing, being as theres already an elite monster perk that does that afaik.