New Monster: The Mimic


What about a monster that can change into any of the wild life that is on shear, for a short time. But with suttle differences so it can be spotted, larger,different color or moving funny.
Even better turns into a random hunter, theres two Hanks who do we shoot?
Just a thought.


Communication can determine which hank and this idea doesn’t really work. Monsters need to be of a certain size so that Parnell’s shotgun can be effective and that they can be found. Striders are much harder to find than Goliaths, that is… If they tried to hide.


stealth with a fake model, the monster is full size, but it’s visible avatar can be much smaller, so hide as an obsidian beetle, you are still full sized, but a visible beetle marks your location.

I would see this as a limitation on a stealth ability, similar to a decoy but not for combat purposes.


Why did I just thing of monster sized obsidian beetle sitting on a pathway thinking that it’s masterfully hidden?


This Mimic idea for a monster is a good one, @MacMan. I’ve been a long-time fan of John Carpenter’s The Thing, and having a monster that can copy wildlife or humanoids would be a welcome addition. Since the monster assumes the shape of existing character models of wildlife & hunters, there wouldn’t be that much to do, as in terms of assets. Also, it would be a nice homage to The Thing.

The monster’s two-story body mass can be explained by @Matthew. :wink: The monster could mimic packs of wildlife (i.e., Reavers, Trapjaws, Venom Hounds, Blitz Leopards, and/or Striders) to distribute its enormous body mass. Perhaps the monster could use burrowing underground as its main method of traversal similar to Gears of War: Judgment’s Corpser? This would definitely offer variety in monster play style that are already out there. We need an ambush-type monster!