New Monster that will Engage Hunters in new way


Give me a monster that can:

Ability 1 - Infect/Impregnate wildlife making them super aggressive and increasing strength (Or have something burst from the life form that creates a dead body and sends a creature towards the hunters to attack them).

  • As a monster giving up a meal is a big deal!!! How many times do you want that big juicy monster to fill up the evolve meter or build up that armor??!! What if you had to make a choice to send that creature after the hunters or having a bite to eat?

This ability would need to actually do some damage, not just an annoyance factor.

Ability 2 - Plant spores, spray poison onto the environment

A. Spores - Like banshee mines but built into the environment to look more like what is around you. Once they explode they create a cloud that will suck your jetpack energy or health.
B. Or let the monster spray a poison coat on the ground that will slow the hunters and deplete health, forcing them to use jetpacks or move out of the “Tar.”

Ability 3 - Pheromone bomb

Area of Effect - A large circle appears and the monster drops a pheromone bomb. All hunters in the area of effect have birds that blind them for a duration. (Basically makes you blind because all you see are those darn birds flapping away in your face) You take some damage.
The birds - aka Alfred Hitchcock.

Ability 4 - Tendril spike -

A. Simple direct spear - AKA Scorpion’s “come here!” You shoot a spike out, impale a target against a wall or whatever is behind the hunter.

B. Or the tendril spike acts like a root and comes up from the ground impaling the hunter for a few seconds. The monster can move in and hit the hunter for a few seconds while they dangle on the spike, or they can run away and use it as slow.

C. Perhaps this is another AOE skill - The hunter gets a circle like the Kraken, but instead of blowing them all over the place it roots them, and does the same damage.

I want to feel like my monster can affect the environment like hunters again. I want some type of deployable, some way to change the map’s topography or ground.

Hell a monster that spews like the Zerg in starcraft would be cool if you could plant spores that create creep… it would allow you to move around faster, and slow the hunters. I am sure the creep generators would just become targets for the hunters though.

But have you ever wanted to have that Aliens feeling? Where the walls are covered with Alien Bio Material, and you have no idea if the Alien is in the wall or not?? Now that would be cool.


Might want to put this over to the Host thread.


it sounds OP as hell and kind of wraith mixed with behemoth… i’d love a monster with water abilities, we now have lightning, fire, melted rock and light?(wraith) so where is water, also we have wind (kraken’s 4th ability) i think a water one could be awsome, something like he can transform into water and goes into the ground when you use the running skill leaving a water mark so hunters can chase her, i need to think about her abilities because right now i’ve some ideas but they are so similar to the ones from the monsters that we have


ability to spawn zombie creature horde. they can dig themselves out of the ground.


I know I’m late, but one phrase comes to mind…SKY MODE with a Flying Monster, or just a monster that’s truly air born?