New Monster Suggestion


I’d like to see a giant spider monster. She would have the ability to poison hunters, web them to slow them down, the ability to hatch little spiderlings when she is engaged, and she could burrow to hide when not caught in the dome. I’d name her “Spinthra”.


if you go to the development of evolve forum you will know why hatching spiderlings and burrowing can’t be put into the game, they planned to have 2 monsters brought into the game but due to issues couldn’t.

  1. The Spawner
    Spawner could spawn a variety of tiny monsters from it’s body as the development thread said but because you have to rely so much on the tiny spawnlings AI to do damage it seemed unbalanced for the monster.

  2. Velvet worm
    Velvet worm was designed to burrow underground but due to the terrain of maps they thought it would be too problematic so scrapped the whole idea.

As for the poison idea I think this can be a stragetic move for monsters but more as a self defense, like say if a hunter gets in too close you can release a short range toxic cloud which damages hunters too close to you.

As for the webs I think i think it would be spammy move to slow the hunters chasing you the entire game similar to wratihs decoy. Unless the monster itself was slow I don’t see it being an actual tactical ability instead of a spammy cheap move.

I do like the idea of a poison monster that uses DOT abilities instead of goliaths, krakens Area damage attacks. Maybe the spider monster can also have the fastest climbing speed but also keep in mind what it’s traversal ability would be? It can’t fly or warp, goliath has the jump so what could the spider do that’s unique?


i think we are all thinking the traversal as an ability that sprint the monster but the purpose of a traversal is not gain speed, is create distance bethween you and the hunters.

So a possible “traversal” can be something that mantein your same speed but release behind something that slow hunter, in this case for example cover the ground with webs.

I really like to see a monster that dont run fast, but focus on slow hunter to keep the distance!!! :smile:


You should post your idea to this thread, there’s a lot of discussion going on. What type of Monster would you like to see?

There’s also a series of create-a-monster threads by @SledgePainter that has been a lot of fun.


Thanks for the link, Mountain. I’ll link it over there.


I made some adjustments to the monster’s ability and posted it over here: What type of Monster would you like to see?


This sounds an awful lot like my arachne post :’(

I know its not very original so I forgive you for coming up with the same idea :stuck_out_tongue:

unless of course you copied me :angry:


I honestly didn’t know you had a similar idea. Sorry, man.


Naw it’s fine, mine is still a bit different =D

I wish they didn’t lump everyones monster idea threads together, it just makes them vanish into the abyss of a 1000+ post topic. D=


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I wish you could make posts that are attached to your profile, so anyone looking at it sees those posts… Then I could put all my ideas in one spot.


That’s a fantastic idea.


The movement for the spider could be that it shoots a web or something and pulls itself over to the area and you could progressively build a large network to climb on or something