New monster/ skin LORE (fan made)


Human Experiment Goliath Skin

After successfully capturing a Goliath at the Refueling Tower, rumors of secret experiments began to surface.
Scientists hoped to find ways of dealing with the monsters by turning them on each other. They soon learned these monsters were somehow linked to each other as if they were a defense mechanism for their planet. Monsters, without explanation, were attracted to the experimenting facility, eventually killing off majority of the people and freeing the captured Goliath. It seemed as if Goliath called out for help through the planet, just like the planet called out for help to the monsters. Before the Captured Goliath was set free, a final message was sent, this time by the humans calling out for help. “Beam Emetlink M50Z312380 xCaps AKHENAHTEN CMHO Under attack by unknown spontaneously generated hostile entities station defenses under entity control suffering heavy casualties superheavy ordinance ineffective - advise no contact full quarantine execute protocol BG1132 five days of life support remaining tight beam emetlink”


Other skins made just for fun:


Uuuh the white and red one, gimmie gimmie gimmie! -drools-


Zomg, WANT!!!


Wow, I was tagged with the Devs, my opinion must matter much to you! In that case, I should give some feedback…

The metallic one is pretty neat. Could be a more subtle texture but keeping the metal feel. Maybe a liquid metal feel.

I really like the one under it. It stays with the natural camo that you would typically see on a creature.

Red and black is very close to savage actually.

White and red is a cool mix. I think adding darker reds in areas would make it pop a bit.

Next one seems similar to the new (Galaxy?) purple skins

Green is also similar to existing

Blue and Black is very sexy. Kraken would look awesome in this.

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The first one looks like Uruk-hai from Lord of the Rings :heart_eyes:

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The want

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Wraith skin

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Woahhhh. I like. I like many much this.

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Primal Wraith Skin


I really like your uses of Red and White, its sort of like a reverse Savage and i dig it

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Kraken skin


Kraken Stalker skin

Kraken Acid Skin

@Chloe @DB_Sinclair @MidnightRoses


so many great skins man, allthough some goliath skins look a bit too much the same…but good work anyways :wink:

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Kraken Void Skin (Phases in and out, animated skin)

other random skins