New monster plz


yes yes I know it takes forever to make a new monster but can you try a sound based monster that manipulates the hunters not like wraith trickery I’m talking like sound waves mess with hunters minds an idea for traversal I was having was like dashing forward at sound speed (I know very wraith) or like movement through objects but you can tweek it or maybe bouncing around like sound waves. maybe you could call it the siren but yea please consider this if you can. :3 p.s I love your games

More ideas for the T6 Monster
More ideas for the T6 Monster

They’re working on adaptations for Tiers 2 & 3. After that, who the heck knows :stuck_out_tongue:

They could make Tier 6 or they could go and make even more adaptations for DLC characters or make more for the first three tiers.


It’s probably going to happen once they finish the adaptations. Ending at just 2 tiers of DLC doesn’t seem like enough to keep the game going for a while.


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I like the idea of a Monster ability that’s basically the anti-Griffin of the Hunter team.


A sound monster sounds too cool. 2hype4me


so about the new monster I want I was thinking it could be like a big frilled lizard and the frill vibrates and emits the sound waves the siren uses to attack and another name could be the niad. hope this happens (I’m like spazzing out about my monster) :dizzy_face:


That reminds me of this one boss in lost planet 2.
It was basically a sonic wave firing alien frill lizard.
A sound manipulating monster does sound pretty cool though.


Or they could start the basics of a new game…


If done right that would be cool, I would really like to see a cool assault though too, Maybe a big muscle head half goliath or since its already been done with kala,he could have been a prototype that survived, say half goliath and half arnold swartzanegre or whatever way his name is spelled lol,
the more I think about it the more I think lennox is this carrector lol,

Just on moving at mark 1 the speed of sound? speed of sound is 340.29 miles per second, Not a hope hunters would catch up, press the button once and your at the other end of the map :slightly_smiling:

But I think sound moves 2 to 3 times faster through the ground depending on density, could have someting interesting there, it flies and hits the ground creating a trail like a Behomeths smash and at the end ruptures the ground in an explosion similar to the krakens lightning strike :slightly_smiling:


I really hope Evolve 2 is already started to be honest


They did say they had ideas for a new co-op focused game. I am REALLY interested in what they are doing (hopefully not L4D3, something completely new)


Valve still own L4D, so they would have to go back to working for them if they wanted to have a part in it. I’m pretty certain they don’t want to do that again, considering how badly they were gypped last time.


yea honestly dont like those games, Not a zombie fan, but keep with this and make a co-op mode in it and get people used to the game before playing online and get destroyed, my first couple of matches lasted all of 45 seconds, it starts up and you havent a clue whats happening, and bang dead, co op would have been a nice way to train people up and give them a story


Don’t even start with that. You want to talk about sequels fine, I am not the person to do that with.

Sequel talk just annoys the heck out of me because its:

A. Not going to change much in terms of playerbase.

B. Requires a lot more funding.

C. Requires even more money to be spent on what will essentially be a carbon copy.

I am fine with paying for more DLC for Evolve but if they were to release a sequel it’d be a carbon copy of our current game except, we’d have to again pay for the base game and any DLC in that future.

Again, I have no problem shelling out $25 for more content on the game as it is built to support DLC, I will not be okay if they end up resorting to the CoD route where they just ditch the last game to make a new game with slightly more content and slightly different mechanics.


I didn’t mention an Evolve sequel. :sob:


but isnt it inevitdable to eventually have a sequal?

And as far as dlc goes I bought what I liked so far and happy with it, although I dont use gorgon or behemoth, or the extra hunters, the base game would have done fine apart from I like the goliath skin options,

A carbon copy like COD I think would be suicide for the franchise, Either add stuff to this game or make a sequal, but I cant see story mode being an option any time soon but I would play it, they do need to improve certain things in this game to revive funds for a new one or adding more extensive dlc, but I coudnt say I am against it, just dont want it to be Like COD, change things a tiny bit and resale, I would like the option of 2 player or free roam, or you could add say two monsters working together against a bigger team of hunters on a bigger map, there are so many things you could do with the game, my Ideas may not be great but there are options, COD has no real options it will eventually die out, you can fly now, wow good job :wink: stupid game lol


My bad, typically whenever a “New Game” or anything is mentioned I immediately feel as though it is referring to a sequel. In the case of just a new game I’m even more against that since they said they’d support this game as long as they can and it seems they still can. If they came out say next month and said they don’t have funding and production on Evolve will cease so they can work on other projects that’s one thing, but if they just stopped and moved on for no good reason I would feel kinda betrayed.

@XYNK84 Perhaps in the future but not for many years. If it will get a sequel it would perhaps be best if it happened in a decade or five years, roughly. I say this because it gives them time to flesh out a single-player story (if they decide they want one because so much salt about this game is due to the lack of it), it would give the technology for gaming time to advance so they could do much more with their engine and future game, as well as generally making a better game.

Look at CoD, it made significant advancements but only when they didn’t make annual games, since they are annual they are basically the same, exact, thing. Problem is they’re running out of ideas (clearly) so they jump to Aliens every other year, they had to resort to getting a temporary license for Predator in one of their games, they essentially went all Sci-Fi and ripped off things from Halo and other games because they’re strictly out of ideas.

Seriously, CoD will die sooner or later just a matter of time. Problem is that it is a carbon copy yet people still fall for it. Hell it has less replayability than Evolve does and hence suffers from a “Prestige” system where you basically get everything there is and then gimp yourself back to square one just so you can experience the “progression” of getting there but in reality why on Earth would you do that since any time you do, you lose the “good” guns you had before.


they had this game in the works before left for dead started, so I wouldnt be holding my breath on a sequal, but when they deliver they will do it justice, people dont realise how old this concept is, hence the lack of supposed gameplay etc, max out each monster and hunter you have your hands full for a pretty long time id say


Well unfortunately now that both tier 4 and 5 are out, I think that TRS are going to release adaptations, possibly a new map or 2, and that’s it. TRS is probably too small to support 2 games and TRS is a business, so they will need to eventually work on something else.
I recall very clearly that someone/some people at TRS have ideas for a new game, so it’s only a matter of time.
Maybe if things were better Evolve could have a tier 6, or heck maybe an expansion pack that introduced a new planet and made it to where the hunters defended a different planet and Shear was over run, this instead of a sequel.


Well let’s see, there’s still two more tiers of adaptations left, after that they could do DLC adaptations or go back and make more for the previous tiers, after that they can make maps or god forbid more gamemodes (please do not make more gamemodes) or lastly, they could make a tier 6.

They still have a ton of ideas for Monsters and Hunters that they can use as I recall a shape-shifting Monster being mentioned once but no one seems to remember that.

Also, Evolve is a permanent IP according to 2K meaning that the game will be constantly supported in certain aspects.

If TRS were ever to work on a new game, as I said I’d like an explanation otherwise I’d feel kinda betrayed by it but there’s no doubt in my mind that someone is thinking of new concepts.

However, final note here, due to the fact that they were so eager and enthusiastic about Evolve since they had the idea before Left 4 Dead I highly doubt an idea that they had fester for that long just go to waste and leave the game. Then again, look how long Destiny was in development and how poop that game was, but different Developers!