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I’ve seen a lot of threads from new players asking why they’re losing as monster or wondering what they could be doing better. Well, here we go! Veteran monsters, throw your tips in here and hopefully new players can have a better experience when they’ve got a little more knowledge. If this is a repeat thread, just can it and point me in the right direction, mods. I’ll start.

  • Hit and run tactics are fantastic. You don’t want to try and win the whole game in one sweeping fight - that’s what the hunters want. When your armor is down, you’re taking permanent damage, so it’s important to back off, armor up, and get ready for the next engagement.

  • Practice optimal movement against bots. Chaining a Leap Smash into a Leap into Charge into Leap again is a little trickier than you would think, and it takes a second to get used to going as fast as your monster is capable of. Unless you’re Bob, then just press spacebar and don’t touch walls.

  • Get aggressive. Hunters, especially supports like Hank and Sunny, excel when they’re given a chance to get good positioning and prepare for the fight. Get full armor, then get in their faces if they try to dome you.

  • Speaking of which, the dome falls where you want. It literally centers itself on you and comes down. Hunters want open spaces with walls on the sides. You want chaotic chasms and terrain spikes. You can force them to drain their jetpacks, push them out of their healer’s line of sight, and hide if you need to. Start guessing when you’re gonna get domed and move to a favorable position.

  • Perk choices are important, and there is no singular best perk set. Pick what matches your playstyle. I play Goliath in a really erratic, squirrely way, as opposed to a more heavy-handed combo approach. I take traversal recharge, climb speed, movement speed, and the auto-attack hunter slow, to make sure I’m landing abilities when I do use them. But another good approach could be cooldown and damage resistance, so you can pretty much just dish out and receive a ton of damage.

  • And most importantly, the thing it took me longest to learn, if you’re not absolutely certain you’re gonna win, don’t get greedy. Maybe you could get a strike with just one more Rock Throw… oh wait, assault blocked it, no matter, some more pressure whoops I missed my leap smash, and now she’s too far away for a Charge… Uh… And there goes 3 bars of health for nothing. Or, you could have accepted what strikes you’d already gotten and happily walked away.

Stage 2: General Monster Strategy, Tips and Advice

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