New monster + new map + new wildlife suggestion


With the release of the new monster (Maybe halloween) TRS should think about a sandy desert map with a poisonous scorpion type elite wildlife that can pin down the hunters and poison the monster or hunter if stung.


We could call it the Scorpid.



You could just link him to it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The Development of Evolve


But it wouldnt be as much fun :frowning:


I think they said that new wildlife won’t be coming.


It’s possible they still could later on in New maps. The Phantoms were definitely a surprise…


Phantoms were in since day 1. They’d like to add more wildlife however it depends on if the future will allow it.


yes, but so far ONLY as a map perk. in future maps they could be on the map like other wildlife is.

i do want to point out that some maps have different variations of wildlife due to ecosystem. like the steamadons do steam normally, but in aviary, they create a “snow-like fog”


Is it possible that the steam kicks up the snow? :stuck_out_tongue:


or just cools rapidly due to the cold air? :stuck_out_tongue:

but yea, aesthetic things like that add variance to maps and ecosystems.


there’s also canyon eels that are also a map perk. it’d be neat to see those in a map normally.


I’m still holding out for a giant lab facility with mutated creators in it…maybe?


a mini boss could b announced in stage 2 and stage 3 and mabe a loud sound to point out its location ,and buff that is like an extra life for the hunters or restores hp for the monster allowing a comeback for both sides u could even have it set up to so the boss will aggro the side that has taken less damige or something like that to promote a comeback in some minor way giveing either side a problem to deal with as being squashed by an opponent and a mini boss chaseing you around the map could get messy , or spawn at stage 2 without agro coz no1 has took any damige yet giveing you a forced meeting point to prevent not finding him till its too late or perhaps some breathing space to get that last bite and a moment to evolve as u give up the mini boss makeing the end fight basicly more evenly matched .


also i would suggest a monster focused around stealth , as we have a tanky , a mage and assasin with there variations ect and gorgon is more of a spider troll cc middle ground thing im not sure what role to place in ,that i feel is seemingly yet to find his sneaky place in evolve.


Wraith used to fill that role when she could turn invisible. It was a pain in the arse, hence it got removed.


ahh is that why the decoy mini vid on the skill shows it going invis XD at the same time waiths skills are more geared towards isolateing one person and claw grinding them to mush b4 the team can react witch isent quite a stealth aspect more of an assasin and i could see that being very annoying, but a slower stealth with no clone or isolateing skills could work, haveing assasin and stealth is too much but makeing it work fairly would b nice to think about thou imo.


Yeah there is speculation that Phantom Wraith could turn invis but without the decoy.


it would b ace too see wraith stay as more of an assasin maby a minor hp/ tanky ness buff but i do feel he is rather balanced to an extent atm and his variant b a weaker for a more stealth focused play style .