New monster MOLTAR #1


Moltar is a big guy who uses molten lava and throws big earth rocks.
Moltar for starters is nothing like Behemoth.

He can stand on his two legs and he has four arms.

He has bulky and rocky skin.
1: Meteor- A large boulder crashes from the sky onto targets. This does X damage and has X radius.

2: Molten strike- Multiple lava strikes that move forward in front of you deals X damage and has X radius.

3: Lava rock- shoot three rocks out and they explode on contact with anything. This does X damage and has X radius

4: Lava pool- A large area that breaks the earth apart and has lava rise up. burning damage is X and width/radius is X.

In the comments tell me if they are overpowered or under powered. any questions of how they work put them in the comments. AND PLEASE if you want me to give me ideas go ahead :smile:



I read the title to this, and thought this was a legit monster coming to Evolve. I goofed. :slight_smile: Anyway… epic monster! :monster:



Lets look somewhere that isn’t fire and rock… Too much of a cloned Behemoth.


I think Moltar is a bettered Behemoth. Sounds a little OP, but would be complete fun smashing hunters. So… whens he gonna come out? :slight_smile:


Oh yeah its good concept.
Sorry I should phrase my words better…lol
I would like to see other monsters that aren’t fire and rock based…for now!


okay thanks @Drum for the comment and idea thanks @ZkyClank for the OP and i don’t think he will come out. sorry