New Monster Mechanic (blind and/or using other senses to survive)


So I was thinking of monster ideas, there should be a monster that is blind maybe basing off of a bat or a mole, using their other senses to find where they need to go and danger that is tracking them.

Maybe a creature could be completely blind (a black screen), but using echolocation, sounds and movement, or wind, trees blowing around will make that part of the screen visible for a set period of time until they fade away into darkness again. Maybe outline these objects that are visible in a thicker line.

Or if they were basing off a mole with their sense of smell yet being blind, could again be in a black screen or a very dim screen but the wind direction can give hint to where hunters are located or creatures are located to feed on.

I dunno was just thinking these would be pretty awesome ideas to play around with! Can’t wait for the game to come out gonna be playing it to death @_@ The models look amazing very impressive and beautiful.


As much as I love new Monster Mechanics, playing a blind creature might be insanely difficult. Also, some of those abilities can be used by the Goliath and Kraken using their sense of smell. Perhaps a creature that constantly has view of it’s surroundings and creatures in the proximity with a constant “radar” so to speak. Like a permanent smelling I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to see a spider like DLC monster that’s Stealth attack is funneling web on a hunter when it pounces on them and can stay on the walls and give it a horrendous scream when it attacks for jumpscares lol.


I actually like that. It would work great in caverns and provide a scare factor. If its skin is similar to the cavern, that territory will be the spider’s optimal hunting capabilities. Someone once mentioned a spider that will lay eggs thus producing smaller spiders to attack the hunter. :smiley:


It’s probably no secret that the next monster can burrow and tunnel under the ground WHICH SOUNDS AMAZING,
But it would be interesting how they would get the spider to lay eggs,
it would probably be similar to Kraken’s banshee mines,
Let’s say this spider can lay eggs through out the map as traps and aren’t too noticeable so the hunter can get ambushed by a bunch of mini spiders, or maybe the 3rd monster is a spider and acts like a trapdoor spider,
he can burrow in the ground and if a hunter walks over him,
he can jump out and drag him back in the burrow with him AHAH that would be Creepy, omg i’m getting so many monster idea’s lol.