New monster ideas?

New monster ideas

Sinple but cool a massive spider or scorpion but obviously a futuristic alien version

There’s already a MASSIVE thread for this. Also, Devs have stated nothing with over 6 limbs can be done, do to animations, so spider may never come true.

A idea I had, others might have too, but is that a monster that starts out normal but as it evolves it can impersonate wild life or maybe even hunters. I thought it’s a cool idea and would really test your skills as a hunter


I would like to see a wolflike monster
Or a bigger version of daisy
Probably would fight and move a lot like goliath but i think it would be cool

It would perfectly fit arachna or a bullfrog type of body if its fungus bacteria acid maybe some sticky webshots to stick some to walss the acid tongue of the frog some miasma coming out there body necro babys on there back ready to go boom epic jump abilty maybe or fast climbing or a sling shot tom some place elsewhere to a wall or something