NEW monster ideas ? for tier 6


since the tier 5 is almost completed with all the characters and monsters, I have been wondering if they are gonna make a tier 6 hunters and monster… what monster you think they should make? if you guys have any ideas on a monster please fill free to just tell me your monster idea lol. in the comments. :slight_smile:


It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but for now they are focusing on the awesome new adaptations!


Kraken and Wraith >:}


I was thinking of all the monsters mixed in one I have seen a picture on how they look all mixed but I think it would be childish lol


The manticore


A Worm or a Cerberus Monster

or maybe a giant Cupcake


I vote for a monster that looks like a big fuckin baby but also looks just like me, and crumbles all the leftover bread heels in the house all over your freshly washed dishes. Every move is just me laughing at the confused look on your fool faces.


Ice monster! :snowflake:


so we will be getting possibly weaker chararacter aka meteor goliath
and the few stroner ones


I still want a plant-based monster. Like Cactuar from Final Fantasy or an Ent from Lord of the Rings.


I’m just making a guess here, but they probably won’t make a Tier 6, but if they do, it will most likely be the last Tier they make. Not too many people play this game anymore, even though in my opinion the fanbase is still pretty high, so they still have a chance to make this, but if they do, it’ll probably be the last one.

They are focusing solely on Adaptations, as of now, it seems.

But since we have two Brawlers and two Stealth monsters, maybe the next one should be ranged, or some sort? I would like to see a plant based monster myself, as someone else suggested, mostly because they bothered to add a parasitic one into the game when I really didn’t want one of those. >.>

Guess we just have to wait for the adaptations to finish. No issue there.


Why not Sin from FF10 lol


How about a new wraith called reaper it will have a black inter dimensional veil the revolves around the male wraiths head giving him the reaper look

Abilities include dimensional grab- can pull a hunter into a worm hole that only goes 20 meters!

Nova dimension- open a rift to the surface of the sun releasing a heat blast that severely damages everything in its path.

Mating call- can call a wraith to attack and cause a distration!

Frenzy- uses its scythe like claws to shred its enemies!


You really wanted that male wraith didn’t you


Yeah I like the look of the wraith so I’m curious is to what they can make the male wraith into!



or a deformed Nuclear Monster

i was Bored xD


Personally, I’d like to see The Host get revisited after all this time. I know they had a lot of issues with the AI, but I think the TRS folk have it in them to come to a solution.