New monster idea!


Okay so new monster idea. A reversed kraken. The monster seems like a kind thorny plant monster. He would have an average bar of armor (5-6) and his hp bar would be also average (5-7).
His skills constit of skills such as.
-Thorn Arena- a fully circular wall of thorny vines that surround the monster and any hunters caught in it. Partially blocking them off from the outside. (Lasts around 10-13 seconds at max level and slowly damages hunters who try to climb/traverse it and only takes around/about half jet pack to get over)

  • Bog Breathe - The monster breathes out this thick cloud of gas/smog that’ll decrease visibility and slowly damage any hunters caught in it or going through it. Making for an easier evade or escape or work as an area denial skill.
  • Vine Wave - the monster slams ground sticking his front limbs into the ground for a brief period of time, raising a wave of spiked vines out of the ground damaging any hunter caught in the fire and sending them flying and/or splitting up the hunters as the wall stays up for around 5-7 seconds and is a little taller then thorn area (best used in a devide and conquer tactic and again damages those who try to climb it)
  • Camoflage (two idea ) - 1. Monster goes invisible for a short duration, allowing him to evade or escape hunters. 2. When using this skill (only lasts around 6-8 seconds) depending on the environment you shape yourself into something related to an environment (tree, rock, ect using this masks your scent from abilities like daisy’s tracking, tracking darts, ect)
  • traversal - this monsters traversal ability involves burrowing underground and digs/moves at a steady pace (traversal bar is just like behemoth, but lasts 3-4 seconds less)
    Alright and those are my Ideas on my new monster idea if you have any thoughts or changes/additions leave a comment. Happy hunting!



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