New monster Idea YOBIDASU #2


Yobidasu in Japanese means summon, yeah this monster is all about summoning.
Yobid is a spider like monster.

She has a sack of eggs that she can summon.

She has a web type attacks and minion type attacks.

She is a silent type like wraith

She has sharp legs and four teeth on top and bottom.
1: Web- Like behemoth rock wall except stays for X seconds and can trap hunters and wildlife

2: Spawn- Spawns X minions to fight for you. Minions do X damage and have X health.

3: Web blast- Shoots at only one hunter and does not tie them up but knocks them back. Does X damage and has X range

4: Misdirect- This can spawn a minion and runs a different direction than the spider. Minion lasts X long and does no damage.

Feel free to tell me if attacks are OP or weak, please give me ideas of a next monster. Have a great day :smile: