New monster idea Water Serpent


NAME:Water serpent

DESTSCRIPTION:A long water based snake like monster which would have more health than goliath but not as much armour.It would have a long fish like tail which could be used for swimming.with 2 stubby legs on each end and a dragon like head.And when in water it would be able swim which would give it a 40% speed boost.


Movement ability: It would be able to spray a trail of water in front of it which it would be able to swim along which would give it the 40% speed boost to make a quick get away

Ability 1:Water jet
Water serpent would be able to spray boiling hot water at hunters or wild life sort of like Goliath’s fire breath but more range and would push hunters back.(moderate cooldown)

Ability 2:Shockwave
With this ability Water serpent would turn around and smash its tail on to the ground which would deal massive damage in a large area to both ground and air if their in the damage radius.(long cooldown)

Ability 3:Aqua claw
This ability is gonna increase water serpents attack power by 35%.(moderate cooldown)

Ability 4:Aqua forcefield
Aqua forcefield would form a bubble around water serpent and stop all incoming damage for 6 seconds but it can be destroyed with enough fire power.(long cooldown)

water serpent has not much armour to spare on ground water serpent is a bit slower than the goliath but when in water it is really fast.Water serpent is good at staying away from the hunters and getting ready for the final fight at stage 3.


Hey good idea. But delete this thread and put your idea on the already made monster idea thread


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This is fine unless there is a different topic.


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