New Monster Idea (Water monster)


Name: Shkaria (trying to make things sound like he is very ancient monster)

Abilities: Swim, hopefully their is a map that`s 80% water are lower, well lets continue. Its exactly what the title tells you, it helps get away for awhile because, the hunters will be about 30% less as fast as the monster. Bite, his regular attack ( i would skip ahead into what he looks like so you can see why this is his regular move) he has a VERY POWERFUL JAW, and it will help in his battle of surviving. Water Blast: A powerful blast hurting his enemies while pushing them back, either to get away or to push them into a corner. Water Burst: his ultimate ability, if he is under water, he can make an moving water source around hum and will flick away them and to STRONG damage to their damage.

Appearance: A human formed shark very similar to the pokemon “Garchomp”émon) (thats what he looks like)

hopefully everyone agrees on me :smiley: have a good night/day everyone!


What if the entire map was under water and the hunters were swimming too? Now that would be cool.


underwater stages in 3d environments especially have proven time and time again to be pretty awful

i wouldn’t mind an aquatic monster but i’m thinking more of a swamp or bog like creature. Any good FPS designer knows better than to try to design an underwater stage.


Yea it’s a nice idea but it usually tends to not pan out that well.


All the maps must be playable for every monsters but they will work less or more effective on the map


Can just imagine now the Goliath spawning into the game and instantly drowning, not exactly the aquatic type, is it? :laughing:


What happens when this monster goes to the dam map? The only water there is a very shallow stream.


People tend to forget this game has no “ultimates”. league of legends has poisoned us all lol.


I had posted the same idea, but having all (or most) of the map being water, and the hunters would have some kind of underwater jetpack replacing the regular one.
Not necessarily has to bee just water, underwater rocks and vegetation would make it feel more full and would give hunters a lot more versatility gameplay as well.
Evolve has a very good gameplay innovation, things like this should definitely make the game :wink:


I still imagine Goliath in a cute little scuba diving mask when thinking about water levels. hehehehehehe!



I know it’s the 4th monster


some map’s could disable certain monster’s though I highly doubt it


That would fracture the community with those that want to play as that monster. I also agree that underwater wouldn’t work. Most of the skills/abilities wouldn’t make any sense. Orbital Barrage, Grenades, pretty much any type of projectile, the flamethrower etc… Also, the name is too close to Shakira. I agree that a swamp/bog monster would be pretty cool :slight_smile:


making Shkaria a amphibian could make it work but apart from that your monster wouldn’t work.
btw good idea


A frog type creature with the ability to croak out some sort of bubble would be interesting.


It would be a good idea if it wasnt for the fact that most of the maps dont have very much water. Turtle rock would have to make an entire map just for the one monster and that would be kind of pointless do to the fact that the rest of the monsters arent realy built to swim. And the other maps that do have water have only small sections, even if they were deep enough the hunters would have an easy time finding the monster if all its doing is swimming around in a little pond at the edge of the map. Plus if the map was 80% water the hunters would have a hard time moving around effectively. The whole point is that the hunters have special abilities that give them certain advantages on landscapes with mountains and other rocky terrains.


I have an idea.

What if the monster just benefited from water? I mean it’s on every map and can be added if not fairly easily, but a water specific monster is unlikely, we need one that can be played on every map.
What if there was a monster that had a ability or something that could utilize water on a map and also be a bit aquatic in appearance, even if it could move on land or air?
Maybe it heals with water, or it can funnel/absorb water over a perdiod of time from water sources, and than use it as a weapon, be it blowing the water at high velocity at it’s targets.

Heck, take it one step further, the creature could generate massive amounts of inner heat, heating the water it absorbed and unleashed a scalding torrent at the hunters later on!

There are ways to make this happen at any rate, so something water, and something that can go underground, imo should be the two next big monsters to tackle.