NEW MONSTER IDEA! The Harvester (from a game designer)


I am in training at my college to become a game designer so i have put a lot of thought into my monster design an how she will be used in the game.

The Harvester is what i call a tactical brawler if the monsters in evolve were to be put in order of strength the Harvester would go in between Goliath and Kraken, much like Goliath the only way to win would be getting up close with the hunters using CC abilities to tear up. but where Goliath and Harvester are different is their ability to control the fight while in the middle of it all. almost like a cross between Goliath and Wraith (i have thought about balancing so this will not be OP i promise) but first i will talk about the abilities of this monster.

ability 1 physic blast (ranged)
The Harvester will aim just like rock throw but with the added ability of movement while aiming in a short animation a ball of energy leaves the head of the monster and exploded on impact, any hunter caught in the blast will be knocked back. the damage of this ability will be medium to high damage much like rock throw and lightning strike.

ability 2 kinetic wave (short range damage dealer)
after a short animation (getting shorter the more points that go into it) the Harvester will stomp the ground and a directional cone of damage will come from the monster foot outward dealing knock back and damage to hunters this ability is designed to create a break in the fire coming from the hunters so the Harvester can start to make an escape. It can also be used in the middle of a fight to get medic of a downed ally and so forth.

ability 3 impulse (CC/area effect)
The Harvester will stand still with its hand raised into the air a visible ring will appear on the ground like the aftershock bubble any hunter caught in the bubble are dealt light damage and dragged towards the monster. in order to grab stray hunters to hit more hunters at once with the next attack, but also to add a bit of skill and tactics in the game the damage dealt to the hunters restores a small amount of armour grabbing all of the hunters then will provide a much larger amour bonus (one armour bar per hunter) not health bars. meaning that the Harvester will thrive against a badly spaced out squad of hunters, it will also make bating downed hunters all the more rewarding.

ability 4 swarm (special utility ability)
The Harvester has small eggs on her back and this ability will hatch some of these eggs into small minion creatures about the same size at the blitz leopard thing. at level one 2 minions hatch at level 2 its 4 minions and at level 3 its 6 minions. but this ability come at a cost, due to the hatched eggs there a holes in the rear armour of the Harvester this will provide weak points on the monster much like the once the medics can cause. But after the rage of decoy a minion by itself will be no worry at all for the hunters and each minion causes very small damage. but six of them stacked together with the Harvester and that hunter is in serious trouble. they are designed to draw fire away from the Harvester and harass run away hunters. As another form of balancing the minions are linked to the Harvester as a result the further they are away from the Harvester the lower their damage and health pools. this means that the Harvester cant just use the ability to snipe the hunters from a far.

in terms of looks i always imagined the design of the Harvester to be like the queen (matriarch) in the Alien v Predator films, massive and hulking but still thin and wire frame type monster. as for the traversal ability im not sure it it should have a dash like Wraith or a leap like Goliath.

I am interested to know what you think?



I like the idea for the fourth ability and have been thinking about a Monster with hostile parasites like the Cloverfield monster.

Regardless of the parasite/minion’s actual function, the scaling from 2 to 4 to 6 in count is way out of whack when you consider a lot of Monster abilities scale 100% + 30% +39%, right? So at most you’d want 2 +1 + 1.

Instead of creating weak points when deployed, I like the idea that the parasite skill also increases monster armor when they are not deployed, making the player choose between releasing the minions and additional armor.

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I like the part where you said she. ^.^

We need another female monster, 3 males/1 female.



the amount of minions was literally decided as i was typing so yeah i agree
as for the extra armour i wanted to create more of a disision making process in the use of an ability like Wraiths decoy rather than just spaming them like all of Goliaths abilities



May I introduce you to…



These are cool ideas, Impulse probably shouldn’t restore armor as that seems a tad unbalanced, instead maybe on the same system lowers the cooldown of Impulse for every hunter caught, I also like the whole do you want additional armor or minions idea, make the monster players think.

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It looks nice, but kinda focuses too much on the whole cloverfield minion idea and not enough on the Psychic powers part of the monster. It might be better for it to walk similarly to the Wraith levitating itself over the ground and having say cloven feet like a satyr. As for the main body, I have no idea.



I’m sorry. Hopefully, you marry into money. :slight_smile:



No no ai controlled abilities decoy is already inreliable as it is lol



I’m not a fan of minions in that kind of game, it might reduce gameplay clarity, other than that, fine for me.



When you said HARVESTER I thought you meant a kind of BURROWER. Like the CORPSER from Gears of war or the plant from Plants VS. Zombies.

It wouldn’t be able to BURST when underground and also, CABOT’s reveal could spot it. You would track it based on the terrain disturbance.

Maybe it can spout some TRAPS to allow it to grab the hunter and come up from underneath for a snack. Jumping a few feet into the air then back into the ground lol



So ability 1= goliaths rock throw
ability 2= behemoths quake
ability 3= Krakens aftershock
ability 4= a somewhat original twist on The Host
besides the name and secondary affects it doesn’t seem so well thought out to me. and as for design i am confused on why this thing would look like an Alien queen? besides the fact that it can spawn minions, all of its other abilities are psychic; which is usually associated with a frailer timid monster. not a hulking spine covered tail whipping claw slashing nightmare.



I don’t think it’s automatically poorly thought out, but I do agree with a couple of your points. Hopefully, OP, you don’t take this as abjectly negative criticism:

The idea of a host Monster is rich enough to build a set of aesthetics and unique abilities entirely relating to parasitic minions - likewise is the concept of a psychic-themed creature. By combining the two you lose out on seeing those themes fully developed, and end up with something that others may view as being convoluted.



1st: I was showing that to the other guy, who mentioned him wanting a “parasitic” monster.

2nd: This used to be a real Evolve Monster.



Want more posts like this!!!

More monster / hunter ideas are only going to make the game’s life span longer which i am all about!

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Please place this on the already made monster ideas thread



Anybody else realize that skill is same as Kraken’s Vortex

2nd same as Behemoth skill

3rd same as Wraith’s abduction or Behemoth tongue grab ?

Gosh man there are so many possibilities of new skills you can come up with, but you just copy/paste 3 (core mechanics ) of skills that are already in game / will be (in case of Behemoth)



Seems like the monster is having a serious identity crisis (psychic leaching minion spawner).
Now to his abilities:

  1. Just broken. There are reasons why you can’t move during rock throw. First it would be impossible to dodge if close, second it’s the drawback back for dealing insane dmg.
  2. Really generic and out of place. Why does a psychic monster need to stomp the ground to create an impulse. Why is it only a cone?
  3. The only ability I really like though it’s missing info. How close would it pull? Does it pull hunters that are above it/ in the air? How long is the cast time? What is light dmg?
  4. A nightmare to balance + a nightmare for the technical team. Has the potential to be extremely frustrating.


I cannot like it enough! :smile:



very good i didn’t think of that i really like that idea still give the ability some form of strategy rather than just a spam