New monster idea PROTEUS 1


Proteus is a female water monster (look it up if needed) but this is my version.

Proteus is a water type monster that uses powerful attacks and less defense.

Her legs were torn off by tyrant and so it uses a whirlpool as a traversal movement.

She has 4 arms with razor sharp claws and muscles are super strong to climb up walls.

A slim like stomach but not like wraiths and a really weird head that i don’t know how to explain.

1: Water strike- A massive water strike that takes a couple seconds to strike. This cause X damage and X radius in diameter

2: Wash back- Knocks backs hunter X feet and causes X damage

3: Vaporized- This will turn you invisible for X seconds and you can not turn invisible when attacked, in hunters line of sigh, or you attacking.

4: Aqua burst- When carefully aimed this can cause a hunter to fly straight in the sky for an easy target. Causes X damage and X radius.

Traversal movement: when i said it has a whirlpool for legs well this traversal will speed up the whirlpool making you go faster and like behemoths continuous meter well you might get it.

If you feel like something feels overpowered, too weak, or wanting to fill those X’s in please leave these in the comments. All i love to do is create monsters so please feel free to give ideas.


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