New monster idea (insectoid)


Name : Reaper
Description: insectoid creature with both attributes of a wasp and a praying mantis. Mostly an ambush predator, but if brought out in the open can be a deadly opponent. Thick chitin armor protects it from bullets, but is vunrable to fire and electricity. (High armor, low health). It also has wings, enabling flight.
Translucency: when still or sneaking it appears almost invisable, which can give it the element of surprise. It can use this ability to evade hunters or stalk prey.
Venomous sting: self explained, a venomous sting which causes damage to injected victims.
Offspring: can lay eggs in an elite wildlife, wich will feed off corps until miniature minions of the monster hatch, creating a minor irritable nucance to the hunters.
Dive bomb: an attack in which the monster flys into the air and swoops down using the force of its body to crash into it opponent.


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