New Monster Idea: Ice type monster

New monster:
Name: TBD/ something ice based, maybe Sleet?
Physical description: large monster coated with armor of ice with a weaker form beneath its thick defense of frozen plates. The monsters health would be opposite to the wraith with a high armor somewhere equal to or greater than the Goliath. the monster itself has ice resembling armor all over it and when its high armor was taken down it would break off the smaller and significantly weaker monster underneath exposing various areas like the chest, back, and head. physically it could resemble a hyena body shape walking on all four of its paws similar to the black hyena-like beasts from the movie Avatar but with very long claws mostly made of ice.
Transversal ability: The hyena would very quickly spew a liquid out of its mouth and create a long runway that would immediately freeze over for it to slide across matching the wraiths warp speed.
Attack 1: the beast fires some icicles off of its back in a mortar type style that are aimed like the rock throw and the ice spikes would rain down on the hunters.
Attack 2: the monster sprays hunters down with a liquid from its mouth similar to its transversal move. the liquid would freeze on the hunters and stop them completely or slow them heavily and would take some extra damaged if shattered by another attack. this could be easily combo-ed with the first attack by immobilizing the hunters than raining the ice spikes down on them.
Attack 3: the monster slams the ground causing large icicles to rise up and lunge out damaging all hunters nearby and quickly and pushing them back.
Attack 4: the monster would grow 4 large icicles on its back and they would break off and shatter revealing 4 smaller clones of the original monster that swarm the hunters that only have about as much health as a cepholodon, but cause considerable damage.

i don’t know what the odds are in the world this gets accepted as an actual monster they put in-game, but i hope this adds some inspiration to others with some grand ideas out there. i love evolve and im stoked to find out what the next monster will be no matter what it is. lemme know what you guys think and feel free to make any changes you think would make this guy a worthy contender of becoming in game content!

Until Hyde melts it’s face. Flames are bad for ice lmao

But seriously, pretty good concept.

I would love a monster based around an ice theme.

What out if hhe monster could be like that… Just add the ice :wink: and vuala

here are some good concepts (no i dont play monster hunter i just like how the monsters look

not bad, really digging that idea for a base model of what it would physically resemble