New Monster Idea: Ice Monster


Okay, so we got a lot of fire on the current monsters. I think we’re missing some snow.

I think it would be cool, if we had an ice monster. Not sure about the shape yet. Maybe a Yeti-like creature or something human-like but frozen. Some horns? Maybe even an ice queen?

Does anybody here know Little Fighter 2? I admit that the first two abilities are taken from the character “Freeze” from the game. But I think they would be pretty cool and totally different than the existing ones.

- Frost burst: A little like the Behemoth’s Fissure but with ice. It casts some small icebergs in the direction you’re aiming. Any hunter that is hit, gets a little bit of damage and is frosted until the ice melts (5 seconds?) or until the ice is broken by you or another hunter. While frozen the hunter cannot be damaged but it gives you the ability to incap a hunter for a short period of time.
- Storm: The monster casts a storm that throws all hunters that get caught in it in different directions. Optimal ability to scatter the hunters and then finish them one by one.
- Ice/Snow ground: An area-of-denial attack. Cast ice or snow on the terrain that affects the way the hunters can move. In snow the hunters are a lot slower. On ice the hunters slid around. So they cannot really change direction or stop once they’re in motion. All in all they are easy targets for the monster. Maybe being on that area does constant damage to creatures (frost bites?). Or maybe the monster is more powerful on frozen ground?

  • Okay these are three defensive attacks to keep the hunters at bay. So we need a few damaging attacks or something we can combine. Especially we need attacks to kill wildlife quickly. Like, I don’t know:
    - Lightning: Small lightning strikes to all hunters in the air nearby? A great counter attack to jetpacking hunters :wink:
    - Ice spikes from the ground?
    - A giant snowball that gets bigger the farer it gets? Just like an avalanche :smiley:

I think I’d go for:

  1. Frost burst
  2. Storm or Icy ground
  3. Ice spikes
  4. Avalanche (just because it would be super awesome)

An ice monster would definitively be super awesome and totally different to play.


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