New monster idea DECEPTOR 2


Deceptor is a illusionist that can go invisible and has echo type attacks.

He has wing on his back that fold in and expand when he wants to fly.

He crawls like Kraken and Behemoth, not very sharp claws but good enough to puncture flesh.

He has a face that has a human face with razor sharp teeth, keen eyes, echo ears, and a nose to smell far.

Deceptor is like a bat with some tweaked features.

1: Echo blast- A super sonic blast that knocks back X feet and does X damage

2: Echo deception- you go invisible for X seconds and you can attack while invisible but if your shot you become visible for X seconds

3: Echo grenade- A large sonic grenade that blinds targets for X seconds and deals X damage

4: Sonic minion- a fast but weak minion that fights for you. Spawns X minions, minions deal X damage.

Traversal movement: like before he has wings and he can fly for X seconds and to gain more speed he uses an echo boom to boost forward and fly X seconds longer.

I would love to see comments on if they are to overpowered or too weak. fill in the X’s in comments, and give me a new idea to make another monster. Cause i love making monsters :smile:


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