New monster idea COSMOS #3


Cosmos is a galaxy type monster and he is super powerful
She has long arms and they are long sharp nails.

She also has four legs and she runs fast.

She has powers of the galaxy, exactly like the powers below.
1: Black hole- sucks the hunters closer to her. Has X range.

2: Worm hole- This ability causes hunters to be randomly place some where far but close to the hunters. This does not work under the trappers dome and the monster can not go through it. Has X range

3: Star bomb- Shoots a star out of the mouth and explodes on contact. Has X damage and X radius.

4: Warp- A ability that does not work under the dome and when being shot at. Takes a lot of time to recharge maybe up to two minutes. But this warps you far away from the hunters so you can eat.

Powers to OP or need to be nerfed then tell me, want to fill in the X’s go ahead. Feel free to shout ideas.