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I had an idea for a Monster that resembles a bat like appearence, with abilities of smoke and shadows. This monster has huge bat wings, that can fly and send bats smoke covered bats as projectile while flying. Below i listed four abilities i feel would be an interesting change to the playing field, as hunters would have to develop a different tactic.

SMOKE CLOUD: is to produce a giant cloud of smoke, surrounding himself in a big dark cloud of damaging gas. This is simalar to the steamadons ability to release steam from its back. This would make the hunters unable to percieve whats further ahead of them. The cloud will disperse eventually.

BAT SWARM: the ability to release a swarm of burning bats from its mouth, that seek out and fly to the hunters and do damage. Eventually burning out and turning to ash. The bats can disperse into smalle groups and damage hunters seperately. Or the bats can just fly in the direction the monster aims them towards

BURNING TORNADO: the monster flaps its wings so hard, it produces a spiraling tornado, and the monster exhales fire into the tornado as it traverses the terrain, levitating small creatures and damaging everything in its path. As points are added, it can produce a second tornado. Or just increase the radius of the tornado and increase duration.

SHADOW STRIKE: The monster has the ability to turn itself into a projectile, launching its body in any direction aimed for, and going through hunters and wild life. The monster would take on a misty shadowy form temporarily, and project itself a long distance. Shadow strike however has the ability to automaticly engage in a sneak attack if a small creature got caught in path of a shadow strike. After launching itself straight ahead, the first creature caught in the path of the shadow strike would be carried away in the direction in which the strike was aimed towards. This is a good tactic in order to seperate the hunter. large targets would only be damaged then slowed temporarily.

BRAINWASHING BEAM: The monster has the ability to release a brainwashing beam from its eyes to surrounding wildlife, commanding them into fighting for it, this could be both a good offense and defense tactic. the brainwashed wild life will not be hostile towards the monster. This works similar to the tracking gun used by the trapper hunter. If the monster engages in battle, the brainwashed wild life will follow.

The Monster is constantly emitting smoke while in normal stance. When crouched, the smoke stops. It leaves a trail of smoke for hunters to follow should it continue uncrouched.

Smoke bat new monster idea

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