New monster dlc suggestion


I know my word has little say in what you guys want to do in the game EVOLVE but I thought of a cool new monster I hope you guys will consider. It would be awesome if you could create a parasitic monster that needed a host in order to feed and evolve. he/she would be an instant kill if they did not find a viable host. This would include elite monsters and regular fauna and one hunter, but if the monster chooses to control a hunter they will have no armor to help them just like the hunters have to deal with to make it fair since it would be a 4v1. if the monster did choose a certain fauna it would attain the same amount of armor as the kraken. in stage 1 it would look very similar to the hunter or fauna that it overtook, at stage 2 it would have vines like tentacles and bone showing. at stage 3 it would be around the same height as goliath and be completely unrecognizable from the thing it took control over and would look like a fleshy vine like horror from hell. The abilities of the monster would be (poison barrage) Its a skill shot were it would send a cloud of poisonous gas 10 meters around to the hunter, (slime grab) It would allow him to grapple and hang from every surface on the game, (Strangulate) It would allow the monster to strangle a hunter or fauna from 30 meters away and the monster would be able to do it while during slime grab, and finally (parasitic flurry). The monster would let out 10 small worms that would seek out and attack the hunters draining their maximum health down by 25 points a second for 30 seconds. The worms are shootable but the more that get on a hunter the faster their health drops. As you can see this monster would thrive in short enclosed areas like the mine map because so many of its attacks are aoe and they capitalize on one another. I hope you will take this into consideration and I hope others will like this post.


That sounds really cool. I haven’t bought the behemoth yet because I don’t usually play monster. But I would buy that and try it out immediately


thanks took me 10 mins to think of it xD. I wish turtle rock would let me make them monsters I already have like 20 in my head lol.