New Monster concept


What’s about a wild life manipulating creature?

The first Abillity is, that the Monster can plant some of the man-eatingplants.
The second Abillity is, that the Monster can spawn some wild life (like the venom hounds)
The third Abillity is, that the Monster can manipulate some Already excisting wild life ( that they Act like the minions)
The fourth Abillity is, that the Monster can transform into wild life ( to hide )

The healthpoints and the armor should be simular to wraiths


In theory that actually sounds really weak… :confused:


TRS already confirmed something about a general disliking to having the Monster rely on AI for damage.


That’d be the weakest monster at the relay ever.


Decoy already shows how unreliable AI based damage is. Having a Monster that centers around it would be poor unless AI is really improved.


There’s a thread for this already


hey @Schmivo I made a suggestion to this type of monster a while back, check it out, yu might be interested, and also im looking for lore artist and monster ability suggests to add to the monster i made a while back, his name is Haze. enjoy.


your monster needs a way to self substain his self and do damage on his own. like an offensive skill


Unless they’re like, mega venom hounds and you spawn over ten plants, or the monster is SUPER fast, your monster is screwed.