New Monster Concept: The Chameleon


Monster Concept:

Description: He is a lizard. He slithers over, down and up walls seamlessly. He cannot jump, he has to move up or down a surface and climb. He can, however, use abilities while climbing.

Traversal: A speed boost with motion blur.


Shape-shift: Transmogrifies the Chameleon into whatever wildlife or hunter is in it’s target reticle. The Chameleon’s form reverts when it has been hit by any sort of attack or ability from a hunter or wildlife.

Duration scales
At level 2 wildlife will not attack you while shape-shifted.
At level 3 hunters will always see you as a hunter other than themselves regardless of your initial target.

Full spectrum vision: gives a brightly colored view of each individual wildlife and hunter (differentiating them by color easily). This ability also includes a small icon revealing the cool-down countdown of the hunters’ class abilities.

Duration and range both scale

Rage pheromones: Causes all wildlife to become aggravated and all hunters to begin firing off whatever ability or weapons are currently equipped.

Consume: Swallows target wildlife or hunter whole causing damage over time. Can be pressed again to release or held down to charge up to shoot the consumed target out as a projectile. Wild life will be aggravated on release. Hunters can you class abilities while inside, except for the trapper. If the target dies while being consumed it is automatically eaten and added to the Chameleon’s armor.

Duration scales
Damage over time and projectile damage scale

What do you guys think? Thank you for taking the time to read my idea :slight_smile:


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