New monster concept: nightmare


First post. Know this should be in another thread but can’t find it. Wanted to hear thoughts on what I thought would be a cool addition to the monster stable. Mainly focussed on what would be good gameplay mechanics so here goes:
Name: nightmare
Health: kraken
Concept: floating torso esk monster with a black hole companion it uses for a shield and as a transversal.
Transversal: glides using the black hole. Slower than behemoth but less restricted by gravity.
Ability 1: pulls up the black hole into a shield which covers maybe 30% of his circumference. Either left front or right front depending on choice. Shots to shield either do nothing, restore armour, power up next attack or release in a burst. Thoughts?Point being to put people off hammering the shield. Monsters which stand and fight are interesting to play against and a directional resistance to damage would be an interesting addition to gameplay, focusing people to surround the monster. Coupd add a lot of skill.
Ability 2: throws black hole into ground nearby. Heavy damage with a brief lasting effect. Pulls hunters gently towards it. Powerful but monster loses shield when doing it so shouldn’t be spammed.
Ability 3. Fires a beam at a further target. Moderate damage but beam stays in place maybe 5 seconds and damages\pulls hunters towards monster if they cross it.
Ability 4: monster throws 2 orbs one after another. Hunter hit by one orb takes damage and teleports to position of second orb. Disorientating them. Number of different ways this could work.
Well that’s it. Keen to hear comments. Think he would be a lot of fun to play with and against, with more tactical nuances than some of the current stable.


Nope nothing?
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Not sure ‘wrong thread’ is the right wording, but if you do post here instead, you’ll probably get more response/feedback and it’ll go in the compiled list as well


Yeah found it and stuck it in there too. Hugely long thread tho